The following is a list of dreams and visions that Yahweh has given me via the Ruach Ha Kodesh. This page will be divided up into three sections: Visions, Words of Knowledge and Dreams and all will be in chronological order placed in that order as best as I can remember that order.




Vision Date: November 1987

Yeshua's Love For Sister Marie:

The first blessed vision was given to me in November of 1987. After a time of worship, we were all waiting on the Lord and He showed me this vision. I saw Jesus and He was standing in front of me while Marie Lebow was standing to my left. A second later I saw her run into His arms and He kissed her on the forehead and proceeded to walk away holding hands. Some people would say that I was probably hallucinating or that I was daydreaming, but I was not. After the meeting I was impressed of the Lord to tell her of this thing but fear came over me and I declined. The next day I had to return to the Lebow house to do a small job and I related the whole vision to her. To my amazement she said that she had seen the vision to the point where she ran into the arms of Jesus. Praise God! Just for the record, Stu and Marie Lebow opened their home and hearts for these meetings. May God bless them richly for that.        

Vision Date: January 1988

The Sailboat And Restored Hope:

During the early part of January 1988 He blessed me again. Another night at the Kinship, during the quiet time, He showed me another vision. He showed me a sailboat that was far out to sea. It was so far out that the land was barely visible. The boat drifted farther out and the people became frightened because they had lost sight of the land and lost the security that the land offered. Their minds became dazed and confused and their faith was beginning to wane. Just at the time that all hope was lost, the land reappeared. This restored their hope and faith. I shared this vision with the people at the meeting and it seemed to minister to some of them. Praise God for His love.                               

Vision Date: February 16, 1988

Steve Morgan's Vision - Wounded Sheep In The Valley:

Steve Morgan reported to me that on February 16, 1988 while he was sitting home alone, that the Lord gave him a vision.

In the vision, Jesus was walking up a hill. Steve was on one side of Him and I was on the other. We walked and came to a ridge that overlooked a valley. In the valley there were hundreds of sheep. Many of the sheep had bite marks on their hooves while others looked as if they had been badly beaten.

We both agreed that in the vision; Jesus is the good shepherd and that we are the under-shepherds that will be used to bind the wounds of those that come out of the apostasy of VVCLC.

Vision That Convinced Me To Stay In California:

Toward the end of 2005 I had been thinking about moving to Roswell, New Mexico in order to help out Jim Wilhelmsen with his ministry down there. This process started in the end of October. Right about that time a coworker approached me and told me that she knew of a woman who had an interest in me. So I prayed about it and decided to casually date this woman but not get serious. I had plans to go down to Roswell the following January to check things out and to see if Yahweh would give me a firm verification that I was to move there. When I went to Roswell I didn't get any word one way or another if I should move there or not. I was really perplexed because I was starting to get feelings for the woman but also desired to go to Roswell. So right after I got back from Roswell I laid prostrate on the floor and sought Yahweh's answer to this dilemma. The following is what he gave to me.

Vision Date: 12/15/2005

My Dear One - A Vision of My Glory and The Glory of A Dear Person I Know:

This is very unusual for me to write this because it will be presented to you at some future date in time. As of recent I’ve been very confused about what to do. Some indications are that I’m supposed to go to Roswell and others are that I should pursue a relationship with you and then see what happens regarding Roswell, or perhaps just living out the rest of our lives in California. So I sought the Lord in this situation.

Quite frankly, I was blown away at what He showed me and I had to write it down this night so that when the time comes for these things to happen I could testify that our Lord knew it all along and revealed some things to me.

The Lord didn’t show me any union here on Earth, but he gave me a blessed reassurance that we’d be united somehow in heaven. I somehow had the reassurance from the vision that we would be together on earth in some capacity, before our time in glory. In the vision both you and I were standing amongst a throng of people that nobody could ever number. We were both wearing new white robes, and you looked so beautiful in yours. You looked over at me and gave me your usual beautiful smile but something was different. You weren’t wearing your glasses and then it flashed on me that you won’t need them in heaven. We held hands as we viewed God on His Throne. I cried both in the vision and in real life because I was so happy that God blessed me with knowing you.

Next we were sitting at a large banquet table that stretched for as far as the eye could see. We sat next to each other and again you smiled at me and again I cried tears of joy because I would be spending eternity with many special people and you would be one of them. What we were attending was what is known as the Marriage Feast of The Lamb, where Yeshua will take his true believers as His bride.

Next, you and I were walking in a beautiful field that seemed to be wedged between some low rolling hills. There we met Yeshua and both of us started to cry tears of joy and as if by instinct we both fell to our knees, you grabbed his left leg and I grabbed his right leg. We were so happy to see him that we didn’t want to let him go. We then bowed lower and kissed his feet. He looked so wonderful, just like Revelation says he looked, with wool white hair and beard and eyes that burned like fire. He brought us down the road a bit and there was a beautiful little cabin, much like you’d see in Ireland, made out of stone with a thatched roof. He told us that he was giving us this house. Seems that we never got to have that on Earth.

Yeshua told us that he was so happy with the way we acted on earth. Evidently, we’re going to be responsible for bringing quite a few people into the Kingdom of God. He told us that we still had mansions in the New Jerusalem, the Holy City, but that the little house was just an extra reward for our faithfulness on Earth. We then invited Yeshua for dinner and we had a wonderful time, his being more a friend than our God.

The scene then changed and the Lord explained to me some of the things that happened on Earth before we went to heaven. He said that you, although shy now, will become like a lioness for the Lord. You will be able to seek out hurting and searching people like a lioness searches for her food. But, when you seek them out you’ll become like a lamb in the way that you will lead them to find Yeshua as their Lord. You will be quite successful. He also said that I will be like a lion for the Lord and will work in similar fashion. Then, as an aside, he made a word play on our names. You see, my name means Beloved, or beloved of the Lord in the Hebrew language. Your name in Latin means Harvester. As you now know, “the harvest,” is always referred to by our Lord as the people who are ready for salvation. So, by putting both of our names together, we are His Beloved Harvester. So again there is some proof that we will work in ministry together, in some aspect.

Of course, I was concerned for the three kids so I asked the Lord about their outcome. First he started out asking about your older daughter. He said that she’s sort of rebellious and stubborn. He said that she’d have to go through quite a bit of heartache before she comes to know Yeshua as her Savior. Thank God she will make it. I then wondered about your son and I was told that he’d come to Yeshua a lot easier than your oldest, but will still have to go through a little heartache. Good news, they both make it. Of course then I asked about your little girl and her outcome is glorious. She’s going to be brought up in the ways of the Lord and she will be known as an evangelist who will bring many to Messiah. A unique part of the vision is that we were all about in our late twenties or early thirties in heaven. I actually didn’t have gray hair anymore; hooray!! Your youngest is going to favor you quite a bit as she matures; really pretty.

What got my immediate attention was when the Lord told us that he was happy that we were obedient, even unto death. It appears that we will be put to death for our belief in Yeshua, by a sword or guillotine across our throats. Before out demise we will be separated for a short while and tortured, but I was promised that we would be able to sustain through the pain. We will again be united just before our glorious death but I again was assured that our Lord would show us an extra measure of grace and he would take us home before the blades ever touch our bodies.

Vision Date - Circa February 2006:

Fighting In The Spiritual Realm Against Dark Forces:

As many probably already know, I'm involved in a ministry that ministers to those who claim to have been or are currently being "abducted by alien entities." We maintain that these entities are demonic and/or fallen angelic in nature, and not the space brothers that they claim to be. The entities in question manifest themselves to be gray aliens, reptilian aliens, and others that resemble insects or to be more specific, like preying mantis'. So it came as no surprise to me that the following event happened.

I live in an apartment that borders a yard and house. The owners of that house have several dogs. One of the dogs is a Rottweiler. This particular dog has a sensitivity to any siren and we often hear him/her howling when such a siren travels by our apartment complex. I've heard him bay at the sirens for a couple of years now, so I am aware of that particular reaction and what causes it. On the night in question though, the sound it was making was different. It was making a sort of wailing type of noise, like I could imagine a dog making when it is trying to summon help for someone in distress, or perhaps a dog would make when it's owner has died.

So I got up, thinking that maybe the dog was trying to alert me to some sort of problem. The thought went through my head that maybe the dog had been wounded or that maybe a perpetrator was in their back yard, or worse yet, in ours. So I went out on the patio's and did a cursory check of the area, finding nothing. I then got a little mad that this animal had wakened me from a great sleep. The anger caused me to lose interest in sleep and the idea popped into my head that I could use the time for prayer. Perhaps I could pray myself to sleep I thought. So I went into the living room and laid prostrate on the floor.

Not long after I started praying I was given a vision. In that vision there was a small bed in a room that was dark. It looked like a child was in the bed, or maybe it was an old person or a tiny adult; I really can't say for sure. Approaching that bed was what looked like one of the mantis entities and it was menacingly moving toward that direction. So I started to pray in the Spirit and as I did I noticed that the entity could not move forward any longer. It looked like it was being impeded by an invisible wall or something of the like. Pretty soon the entity slowly vanished from the room.

What I can ascertain is that someone in my neighborhood was about to be demonically harassed, and perhaps abducted in the spiritual realm. Yahweh used the wailing of the dog to wake me up so that I could fight against the evil entity. After the prayer was done I became sleepy and went to bed. I got a great night's sleep and felt very refreshed the next day.

Vision Date - June 2006:

Ezekiel 38-39 Before My Very Eyes:

I was praying in the Spirit one night while trying to make a life's decision. I often do this when an event seems too overwhelming for me to handle alone. So as I prayed for answers to this life's problem Yahweh took me way off track and showed me something else.

Anyway, this last week, while praying in the Spirit again the Lord gave me a somewhat cloudy vision that really blessed and disturbed me at the same time. Now I wasn't even praying for Israel, or at least I don't think that in my spiritual tongues language I was? But all of a sudden I saw tanks (army tanks) coming down a two lane road in a desert setting. At the same time I was told that tanks were advancing from other locations. The first tanks were coming down from Lebanon and the others were coming from Syria, Egypt and some were coming from Southern Jordan. Then I was shown fighter jets, mainly what looked like a F-16. I thought I saw Israeli markings on it. The frightening thing was that those jets were just falling from the sky without being shot down. Then all the fighting just stopped. It was impressed upon me that the Israeli army would suffer a huge defeat. I questioned why this would happen. I was told that the IDF had to suffer a profound defeat so that they couldn't take credit for the deliverance that the Lord was giving to Israel.

At about the same time I saw what looked like a map of the United States. The map was black with the seas being blue around the continent. I would see little circle show up which showed cities and then I would see a mushroom cloud take the circle away. The cities that I remember were Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Houston, Dallas and Honolulu. There were more but I can't say for sure what they were so I don't want to record what might be false. I also saw a map of Russia and the same thing happened to Moscow, St. Petersburg, and what looked like areas in Siberia and the Kamchatka Peninsula. It was Ezekiel 38 and 39 happening right before my eyes.

I wasn't given any time frame as to when this would happen, but I feel it might happen soon given the fact that the vision was presented out of the blue and took me totally by surprise. I was also given the impression that Turkey would be turning into a total Muslim state in a very short period of time and it appeared it would happen almost over night; meaning that when it starts, it will be a very fast process.


About a week later there was an addition to this vision. As I prayed I beheld what looked like a very large submarine surfacing from the ocean. I noticed that it was a ballistic missile sub from all of the hatches on the floor of the deck. As I watched some of the doors opened and missiles were launched from the sub. I'm pretty familiar with American submarines as I keep up with the styles; this sub was not American.

Update #2:

Two weeks after the original vision I talked to a friend at church and told him about the visions. He told me to sit there for a few minutes while he copied some paperwork for me. When he presented me with the paperwork I noticed that on the cover of the paperwork showed a map of the United States and many of the cities that I mentioned above were on that map, and will little mushroom clouds depicting the fate of that city. Beyond coincidence.

Vision Date - Circa July 2006:

The Bombed Out School:

This vision was very strange and very quick. My apartments are located on a pretty well known street in the Sacramento, California area. Behind the apartment complex there is another street that parallels my street. On that street there is a grade school. A lot of times when I want to get somewhere quick I take a connecting street that joins the two roads mentioned above and then I drive past that school.

One day in July of 2006 I was driving past the grade school and I looked at it. The school is an older design that has a lot of brick on its facade. There was nothing unusual about the school. All of a sudden I got the urge to look at the school again and it looked completely different. It looked like it had been hit by a bomb or something of that manner. The roof had completely caved in and parts of the walls were missing. The wall that remained had holes in it through which I could see daylight. Part of the facade bore evidence that there had been a very large fire at the school during this destruction. I looked at the school again and it looked normal, like it had before the vision.

Don't know what to make of this vision and I haven't gotten anything from Yahweh to explain it. All I can surmise is that this is just another post-apocalyptic vision of my neighborhood.

Vision Date - August 6, 2006:

The Curtain of Fire:

I am a youth leader alongside my good friend Glori and we had a youth event scheduled on August 06, 2006, at the Orangevale Community Center in Orangevale, California. That particular day was strange. I felt great in the morning and at church. I even felt well as we prepared to load up the van and take some of the kids to the event. When we got to the event I started to feel strange, like I wasn't supposed to be there. I was so unsettled that I just left the event and walked to an adjacent event field which had soccer goals and a baseball diamond incorporated into it.

I sat in the cool grass in the shade and started to express to the Yahweh that I felt like I was not needed anymore; like I was unnecessary in His Kingdom; basically just a burden to the Body of Christ. Well, I didn't hear any answers so I basically ask Yahweh that if he wasn't going to talk to me or use me any longer, that He take me home. It was then that the following happened.

I was sitting near the baseball diamond, facing east and as I looked in that direction I could see some houses that bordered the facility and the view was mostly unremarkable except for a tree that appeared to be a large cedar tree or perhaps a redwood tree which was located in one of the yards of the houses I was viewing. The sky was blue and the conditions were clear. Right at about that time I perceived what was what I call an invisible squeegee, or perhaps an invisible curtain that moved in a horizontal manner. On one side of this thing the sky was blue and the trees looked alive. As the squeegee moved from south to north it trailed behind it a very different scene. Behind this thing the sky was a terrible color, like an eerie red and smoky color and it looked very dark. As the curtain moved over an area, everything behind the curtain burned with an intense heat, like dry kindling catches fire when lit. At the end of the vision I heard the words, "this will all burn." I sat there and thanked Yahweh for showing me this vision, but also mildly horrified that the place where I then sat would be destroyed in some devastating conflagration.

Vision Date - August 26, 2006:

My Church And The Paramilitary Squad:

First let me preface that this vision really bothers me. It bothers me because it deals with the lives of loved ones; people at my church that I feel very close to and love dearly. I have struggled all day, considering whether to write this or not. My conclusion is that since Yahweh gave me the vision, I should publish it. So with a heavy heart I now write the vision.

I was sitting in church and I had found myself compelled to go to the floor in a very tight kneeling position. I saw the church as if I was viewing it from an otherworldly perspective, like it was in my dream or something of like manner. I got the impression that the vision takes place sometime in the future because of one fact that doesn't exist today; my pastor had all gray or white hair, not the salt and pepper that he has now.

So I saw the people of the church in praise and felt that they should be careful because there was danger in doing such things. I thought that if someone heard them they could be in great trouble. As I watched I noticed that some men dressed in paramilitary garb (like black special forces uniforms) entered the church and started to fire their automatic weapons indiscriminately at the congregation. Everyone in the church was killed, including the pastor. I looked at the church and began to weep, seeing all of the death and knowing that the massacre was such a great taking away of people that I felt dear to and whom felt dear to me. I then noticed something that caused me to ask a question of Yahweh. I noticed that some of the people were shot in the front and some were shot in the back. I asked how this could be, seeing that the intruders all came in the same doorway. It was explained to me that some stood their ground and didn't give up on Yahweh and their faith. They were the ones who were shot in the front because they faced adversity and fought it. The others caved in when it came to the great dilemma and were shot as they tried to flee for their lives. It was also made clear to me that Yahweh didn't hold anything against those who tried to run, but He did express that He would honor the brave dead more than He would honor the others.

Hear O People of Yahweh! Persecution is coming soon and it comes to test those who call themselves by My Name. Those of you who walk in the might of My Spirit will be proved and refined when I send fire to purify my bride. Those who refuse to submit to Me will burn as chaff burns in the fire. O My Bride, I desire that you repent of your idolatries and you break into pieces the false gods that you have set up in your hearts and lives. I expressly make this a commandment of those who think that they are already pure and walk with that so-called knowledge. I hate imitated righteousness and I will come and I will take unto Myself those with a humble and contrite heart. So I warn all of you to be circumspect; daily test yourself and pray for Me to show you areas in your lives where you are lacking. Ask of Me and I will freely reveal to you, in a loving way, what My heart's desire is for each individual person. I desire to test each and every one of you on an individual basis with my fiery furnace. I want you to be pure gold, free from impurities and valuable to me; for I will incorporate you into the crown that I wear on my own head. My Body is made up of many parts. Can my body have an appendage that has leprosy? Will I allow My Body to have a withered hand or to have an eye that can't see? I will not allow this. My Body of Believers will be white as snow, free from spot or wrinkle. My Bride will be pure and chaste, a Holy Nation that I can present before my father for His approval. So stop your fooling around. Do you really think that I can't see what you are doing? Do you really think that you can hide your deeds from the maker of all things? I am El Elyon, the creator of all that exists. I am Yahweh, the Lord God of Israel. I am the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I left this world as a Lamb, but I am coming back as a Lion; the Lion of The Tribe of Yehuda. I am coming back to bring justice and to incorporate righteousness on a sick and dying world. I am coming back with my scepter and I will use it to break apart and to dissolve the folly of the kingdoms of this world. I am the stone that will strike the feet of the nations. I will obliterate all who oppose me in thought and deed.  I will no longer put up with foolish within my Body and I come to judge my people; to clean up My House before I deal with those who hate me. How can I judge a rebellious world when My own people are rebellious? I simply cannot because that would make me unjust. Time is so very short and I shorten it constantly, but My people are blind and cannot see. I come and I bring my rewards with me. I will dole out my rewards upon those whom I feel deserve them. I cannot reiterate these words enough; I want you clean, I want you Holy and I want you to be contrite and humble; a people worthy of My Name; I expect nothing more and I'll accept nothing less. I have spoken, and now I listen to hear your petitions.

Vision Date - October 08, 2006

Singing With The Angels:

I was sitting in church this Sunday and the worship service started off as usual. I felt that something special would happen but I didn't know what. I have grown accustomed to getting visions shown to me during worship services at Last Days Harvest Church; the fellowship I currently attend. I felt that perhaps I would get some sort of new revelation this day.

Worship started off like usual and after the second or third song I got the urge to get down on the floor, on my knees with my face in the floor. This is not an unusual position for me at worship. All of a sudden it was as if I was in the center of the room standing and I could see all four corners of the room at the same time. At each corner of the room I saw what looked like a man with wings praising Yahweh in the same manner I was, on the knees with the face to the floor. After a short time the wings were no longer on the men but they remained in the same position, dressed in unimpressive clothes, sort of like in monk's robes with hoods, but the clothes were plain, almost faded in color. I asked Yahweh why the wings were no longer there and why the men were now in plain old clothes. He told me that the wings at the beginning were to let me know that these beings were angels. They were dressed in plain clothing to illustrate that the angels servants of Yahweh like ourselves.

Well, I got up and sat in my chair, praying in the Spirit with a great fervency. After a short time Yahweh told me to go into the back of the room and lay prostrate on the floor. I asked why He would want me to do that and He said that it was necessary to do such a thing so that other things could be accomplished. So, I got up, went the back of the room and laid prostrate on the floor, my face in the carpet. I felt led to pray in the Spirit again and did so for a few minutes. Then I felt released to get back up and head back to my seat. When I got up I felt a special joy that I didn't have before I went to the back of the room.

I didn't sit for long because I felt the need to get down on my knees again, which I did. At this time I was again in the room, able to see all of the room at the same time. With this, I saw the back door to the room, the entrance where everyone comes in and departs. I saw two or three other angels come into the room and then many more started to enter until the room was filled with angels and those of us humans who were there. The room had so many angels that if they had been manifest in the flesh there would not have been any room to move around the room. As we lifted out hands in praise and adoration of Yeshua the angels did also. Everything we did they did. As we smiled in our worship they smiled and worshipped. I then realized that the scripture was again proved to be true, that EVERY knee shall bow and every tongue confess, that Yeshua Ha Mashiach is Yahweh; and this is done for the glory of El Elyon, Aveinu!!

The vision ended and I felt revived, like I had not felt in a long time. The rest of the worship time was fantastic, not only because the worship was, as usual, wonderful, but knowing that we were worshipping in the company of so many heavenly hosts made it all the more wonderful.

Vision Date - Sunday, November 12, 2006

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!!

I was sitting in church today and we were having the usual wonderful worship time. It's funny that every time we are in worship time I see the angels come in and stand, worshipping Yeshua while we do. I've learned to expect that vision.

Today I was sitting in my seat worshipping with my fellow believers when I saw a vision of us all sitting in the sanctuary. Then I  noticed that it was starting to snow inside the building. I inquired of Yahweh what the snow meant. Right after I asked this question I was shown the outside of the building. It was very hot and the sky looked different. Everything had a red hue to it and people were walking around as if all of the energy had been burned out of them. The scripture just came to mind while I am writing this.

[[A Song of degrees.]] I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the LORD, which made heaven and earth. He will not suffer thy foot to be moved: he that keepeth thee will not slumber. Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep. The LORD is thy keeper: the LORD is thy shade upon thy right hand. The sun shall not smite thee by day, nor the moon by night. The LORD shall preserve thee from all evil: he shall preserve thy soul. The LORD shall preserve thy going out and thy coming in from this time forth, and even for evermore. Psalm 121

I think it important that as bad days approach we remember to keep our eyes on Yeshua. He is out help in times of trouble. When the rest of the world suffers the wrath of Yahweh, He will keep us safe and under His protection.

Vision Date - Friday, January 05, 2007

My Cup Is A Fountain!

I was invited to go to a revival meeting with Glori this particular Friday night. We got there a little late but got to partake in a lot of the worship anyway. During the worship time I began to pray in the Spirit and I saw there a coffee cup filled to the brim and barely overflowing with water. I started entreating Yahweh about my condition. I told Him that I didn't just want to have a cup that was barely overflowing or just up to the rim; but I wanted to have a cup that was like a fountain. I guess that I sort of got a bit whiny because Yeshua replied to me, "okay, just watch this."

After He uttered those words I beheld the Earth like I was probably a couple thousand miles out in space. I looked at our planet, but the continents didn't look right. There seemed to be more land than water; opposite of the conditions that we have today. Anyway, as I beheld the Earth I saw two hands come down from heaven and press upon the ground. As the pressure continued to build upon the land I saw the land crack and the crack grew and spread north and south until I couldn't see it anymore. Then the crack went in all sorts of directions. With this, a fountain of water sprayed out from the crack and the fountain was so high that the water seemed to go right into space. Then I heard Yahweh say, "is that a high enough fountain for your cup?" Well, I got the message; things will be great, and exceedingly so.

But like most things that Yahweh does, there are at least two meanings to one story. I had always wondered how Yahweh created the great flood. Some theorize that a comet struck the earth and caused the continent(s) to fracture, seeing that they were resting on water, and that the sheer weight of the land mass pressed upon the water that now had a chance to escape from the cracks. Some theorize that perhaps Mars had a different orbit back in history and that on one of it's approaches toward earth it got too close and caused the continents to press upon the water while they cracked. But in one short vision, Yahweh showed me that He just took His hands and changed the entire earth forever. Blessed by Yeshua's holy name.





Dreams have always been something that I struggle with. Whereas in visions I'm present and cognizant of what is going on at the moment, Dreams sort of allude me. I know I dream quite a bit at night but rarely remember them. That is why when I do dream and remember it I write it down right away because it usually has some significance. Below is a list of dreams that I have been given and their interpretation if any was given.


Dream Date - Circa Late 1979

Yeshua Appears And Gives Hope:

At this time I was having a difficult time with my dad who had not yet become a believer. I was trying to be a good Christian while having to put up with a father who was presenting me with very difficult demands.

I fell asleep one night feeling like a failure. I had tried to find work  but could not find any. As I fell asleep I heard my dad's words echoing in my mind, telling me that I was not successful in life and such. In the dream the background was black and suddenly I saw Yeshua in front of me. He was dressed in white and had long brown hair and a beard. He held out his hands as if to embrace me and when He did hug me he told me that I could do all things through Him. The dream ended. I got a job with the City of San Rafael not long after that as an electrician's helper.

Dream Date - Circa 1982

In The Enemy's Camp, Literally:

This dream wasn't very clear and some of it has been blocked from revelation. I fell asleep one night and during the course of my dream cycle I started to dream a confusing dream. In the dream I was in a building made of cement block. The walls were painted a sort of tan/gold color. The building looked like a hospital or perhaps some sort of fortified office structure. I remember seeing the Anti-Christ clearly but that memory has been clouded so much so that I cannot remember his features. I can remember running through the hallways trying to hide in various rooms and each time I could hear his voice coming toward the room that I was hiding in. I would somehow escape from room to room as he and his entourage would try to track me down. Finally, I found a stairwell started down it all the time hearing his voice. I felt that the stairwell was a way of escape. I then woke up.

I feel that Yahweh allowed me to see the Anti-Christ and then not to remember his face in order that I could not reveal him before his time. I also feel that when the time is right, I will see his face in a magazine, or on television and I will know without a doubt the identity of the man of evil.

Dream Date - February 03, 1988:

The Parachutist:

The Master gave me a dream that He wanted me to share with the people who had been victims of what Satan was doing through Pastor Jerry. Firstly, I would like to record what was going on at Vaca Valley Christian Life Center. Pastor Hanoum has had for a long time, a problem with loving women other than his own. By not dealing with these matters in a Godly manner, he left his heart wide open for other things to enter his life. These things are; preaching heresy, stealing from his parishioners and his genuine desire to serve the demon of mammon. The people who had departed the congregation previous to this were wondering when and or if, God was going to do something about this matter. Y’shua showed me a dream that proved that all is in His hands.

A skydiver was performing and in the process of his act, his parachute failed to open. I watched in horror as the man was coming right at me. I managed to get out of the way, and the man hit the ground about ten feet in front of me. As he hit the ground, I could hear all of his bones break and it was easy to see that the man was dead. Although he was dead, someone called the paramedics and when they arrived the confirmed the fact. The mans’ body lay there for several minutes and people gazed at it. Much to the surprise of everyone there, the man came back to life but his severe injuries remained. Everyone there called it a miracle.        

The next morning the Lord Jesus showed me what the meaning of the dream. The skydiver is VVCLC which will die as a result of the apostasy there. The spectators are the Christians in the Vacaville area and the paramedics are the believers who will have come out before the great fall. These people will be there to bind up the wounds of those who come out after the fall. He said that many people will come out with their hope and faith shattered and that they will need our attention.

The Lord, God of the people who are called of His name, will save the innocent. He will bind up the wounds of those who have been deceived by the deceiver, and He will replenish those whose lives have been devoured by those wolves. The one that I placed in headship is torn down, and those who he deceived will never be deceived again; but woe to the deceiver. That wolf will lose his houses and his savings, which he has stolen from his sheep. The Lord says, "I have said it, and by My Name it shall be done.

Dream Date - February 09, 1988

The Shepherd With The Gash In His Arm:

On the evening of February 09, 1988. I had a dream where I saw a man standing still and he was not wearing a shirt. He had a large bleeding gash in his arm that went about half the way around the arm. He was calling for help but the people that he was calling to could do nothing for him.] The next morning the Lord showed me what this meant. The man is Mr. Hanoum. The gash in his arm is the sin in his life that he refuses to repent of. The people that he was calling to are the things in this life that so many people cling to in time of trouble and these things can never satisfy. These things are; the love of money, materialism and popularity. If he does not repent and renounce these things, he will bleed to death.

The Following happened a few days later:

The date today is February 22, 1988. I wish to take some time to record some more of the blessings that the Lord God has given to me. Last Sunday I was invited to visit Steve and Robbyn Morgan. When I arrived there Steve seemed so excited. He said that he wanted to show me something that the Lord had shown him the night before, while he was reading his Bible. He went to the book of Zechariah, Chapter 11:17. This describes a worthless shepherd. It says that his arm will be cut by the sword and will shrivel away. Steve and I were both amazed at how God used this verse to confirm what He showed me in a dream.

Dream Date - March 2006

Killer Hail At Work

This dream was really strange and it sort of still haunts me at the time of this writing. I related it to the girl who was also in the dream and she still remembers me relating it to her. He says that it was "totally awesome."

Let's get a bit of orientation first. The pharmacy where I work has a back door (the employee entrance door) which faces south. The door is metal frame with full tinted glass. We park south of our location. All of the events that I saw are looking south.

So in the dream I came in the back door from what I think was my lunch time. It had been raining which I thought odd. I think that the dream took place in the summer. It doesn't rain in the summer here. Anyway, I went in to tell Julie, my coworker, that it was raining. Both of us went to the door to look out and when we did it was then snowing. As we watched the snow turned to rain again. We walked back into the pharmacy area still perplexed about the strange weather. I decided to look out the door one more time to check out the weather and when I did the sky for the most part was blue except for three or four small clouds down toward the southeast. As I watched the clouds they began to release hail. The hail was very large and I can remember feeling an impending doom overcome me. The hail was so large that I could see individual pieces of hail as they fell from the small clouds. The storm moved closer and I yelled for Julie to come and check the sight out. We stood by the door when all of a sudden a wave of hail came from the west and destroyed (totally, like elephants were falling on the cars) the cars. At that point I realized that the cars were only forty or so feet from where we stood and I knew that the hail would soon hit the roof and probably kill us. I then threw Julie down in a corner and threw myself on top of her to protect her. It was then that I woke up.

I asked Yahweh about the dream and got no real definitive answer. I can only assume that it was just one of those dreams sent to me to enforce that the time of the end is near.

Dream Date - October 04, 2006

Don't Mock God or His Word:

In the dream I was sitting in what appeared to be some sort of counsel chamber. In the front of the chamber sat four people; a spindly looking man older man, a woman who looked like she was in her late 50's or early 60's, another gentleman and a man who was tall in stature and had either blonde or gray hair. There was a whole bunch of business going on. I felt like I had gone there to make a presentation for some sort of change. I sat there and felt the urge to get up and present the Gospel to these board members, but also felt held back. Every time I felt the urge to speak it would be quenched and I had a reassurance that I would have a time to participate in the process.

It came time for the tall board member to speak and he arose out of his chair. He came into the audience area and started to dance. He pulled out what looked like a small New Testament and while he danced he started to mock the Word of God. I looked up at heaven, as if to ask God how long He would allow this to continue. The Lord then told me to make a fist with my left hand. He then told me to hold that fist in my right hand and to squeeze it tightly. He told me that the fist symbolized the tall man's heart and my squeezing it symbolized what HE was doing to the man's heart at that moment. With this action, the man grabbed his chest and fell to the floor and he was dead. The board members all stood around the guy as another man pronounced the tall man dead. Then the Lord spoke through me. I announced, "GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED - THE WORD OF GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED, NOT ANYMORE." I went and sat back down in my chair, half in fear that the crowd would turn on me and half happy that God had finally spoken.

I got up and started to write this all down. I asked the Lord to give me an interpretation of the dream. This is what He gave me. The spindly old man represents the church members who have just sat there and watched decay in the church and have not done anything to fix the problem. The woman represents the New Age ideas that have infiltrated the church. The gentleman I could not make out represents the believers who have stood in the wings and have prayed for revival in the church. They will be used more effectively when the facade finally dies. The tall man is the facade that died. He represents infidelity in Messiah's Church. He represents those who have taken on the cares of this world; those who put material things in front of what is really important and measure success the way that the world does instead of the way that God does.

The board members who stood around and marveled at how the man died thought it was a natural death. In reality, it is a spiritual death and the spindly old man and the woman will never understand it. There is a persecution coming upon the Church. It will happen to purify the Bride of Messiah. The facade that the Church has worn will finally die. The quest of material things; big homes, fancy cars, riches, large and elaborate church buildings and all of the other "keeping up with the Jones'" that the church has lusted after will finally be gone. Those who have sat in silence; who have prayed for the Lord to cleanse His Church will be raised up to lead the Church into a finer hour. They will encourage and nourish those who still choose to follow the Lord during persecution. They are the ones who have waited upon the Lord. Their strength will be renewed and they will mount up as with wings of eagles. They will run and not be weary, and will will walk great distances and will not faint. Their waiting will not have been in vain and they will shepherd the flock of God with a power and authority that the Church has not seen in two thousand years. So the Lord stands before us, like Moses did at Mount Sinai and He proclaims; "whomsoever is on the Lord's side, come to Me." It is the choice of everyone reading this message; what will you do. Will you drop the facade and let it die while you have the chance to do so freely, or will you wait until persecution causes you to make that choice. If you are one of the silent people are you in prayer, in preparation to mount up and lead the flock in power and righteousness? God and His Word will not be mocked - not any longer and it's time for all of His People to make decisions. Yahweh have His way and may we make the right ones.

Two days later I was at work and was just reflecting on the dream. At that time the Lord gave me a further explanation of the dream. This had to do with the board member who I really couldn't make out. It sort of bothered me that I couldn't make the person out and I wanted to know why. The Lord explained to me that that individual couldn't really be revealed as any one visage because he or she (whichever the case may be) represents many facets of the Kingdom of God. The figure represents male, female; old, young; Jew, Gentile, etc.



Dream Date - Morning of October 24, 2006

Present For The Second Advent:

In the dream I remember being hunkered down in what appeared to be a safe-house. I remember someone driving up in a pickup truck and being relieved that they had made it back alive. Then, thoughts of all of the persecutions of believers came to mind and I became very sad. But, at the same time, I had done some calculations and figured that it was time for Yeshua to come back to Earth. I remember the expectation of that becoming a reality.

I then remember seeing a freeway that was winding through a narrow valley. The scene looked like it was Southern California or some similar scenery. The freeway had just a few cars on it. I pondered at how before the beginning of judgments the freeway had been packed all of the time and I felt a sense of sadness that so many people had died over the past few years.

All of a sudden I was in what appeared to be an old school bus that was burned out. There was a feeling of fear, like I knew that the bad guys were going to come and get me and the people I was with. But just after that fear there came to me a complete peace. I looked and I was in some sort of field and I noticed the eastern sky was illuminated with a strange but beautiful light. The people who were with me were scared and there were a couple of children nearby that were terrified. Suddenly I heard birds singing, which was strange because I hadn't heard birds for a very long time. I called the children to me and started to cry. I told them that we need not fear any longer because today Yeshua would be coming back, and that HE would make everything better. I was crying as I was trying to talk to them and the other people and words were very hard to get out.

The people were still scared and they asked why Yeshua hadn't appeared yet. I told them that He had to take care of some business in the East (Israel) but that he would be coming soon. I was crying tears of relief and I had my body stuck out of a bus window and I cried out, "Yeshua is coming, Yeshua is coming!" With that, the sky in the east gradually started to get brighter and brighter with that wondrous light. Then, all of a sudden the sky became bright white and I couldn't look at it, but I was sure that from then on nobody would seek to kill me or persecute me any longer. And of course, I then woke up from the dream - big bummer!!!!


Dream Date - Tuesday, February 13, 2006

Teresa And The Bible:

This was a very short dream but quite impacting. In the dream I was in a meeting at what looked like a building that was being used for a church. The atmosphere sort of reminded me of Metro Calvary Church up in Rocklin when they meet in the Sunset Building. I looked and saw Teresa sitting there. She was sitting in a seat and she was looking very intently at what I assume was a speaker. She was wearing a white short sleeve top and some sort of pants. She was also wearing her glasses. I couldn't get over how I was seeing Teresa sitting in Church and listening intently to the message. She had her hands clasped together in her lap. On the table was what looked like a leather covered Bible. The leather of the Bible was a burgundy. I woke up at that instant but praised Yahweh that He was again affirming that Teresa is going to get saved and she's going to Love Yahweh.







Word of Knowledge - November 1983

Let My People Go or You'll Die:

In the early 1980's the Lord Jesus got me interested in a movement that I considered a ministry. During this time the Jews of the former Soviet Union were being persecuted simply because they wanted to remain Jewish and didn't want to assimilate into Soviet society. They wanted religious freedom, and real freedom, not the Soviet style of micromanagement. Most of them wanted to immigrate to Israel, but were refused that request every time. Many Jews were imprisoned, sent to gulags all over Russia, especially in Siberia. They were given the name "Refuzniks." I have always loved the Jews, so I had to do something to help. There was an organization that allowed people to adopt up to three Refuzniks and champion for their rights, and the rights of their family members.

There were three things that we had to do when we adopted a Refuznik. I would write letters of encouragement to him or her at the gulag or prison where they were being held. Second, if they had a family I would write to the family and let them know that I was keeping an eye on them and their loved one. Third we would write to the commandant of the prison or gulag. The organization provided us with a sheet of paper which had an abbreviated story of the Exodus of Israel from Egypt and it would implore that official to be mindful that they were being watched and that God's wishes were that they would free their Jewish Refuznik, or at least treat them with respect and dignity. I would send a letter every week to the commandant and the prisoner.

In November of 1982 Yuri Andropov became Premiere of the USSR and that was troublesome. He was a hardliner, anti-Semitic to the core and a former leader of the KGB (the Soviet Secret Police). I felt a real sense of dread about what he might do to the Jews in prison and those who wanted to immigrate to Israel. I asked the Lord what He wanted me to do and He told me to compose a letter to Mr. Andropov. The letter went as follows:

"A few thousand years ago another powerful leader oppressed the Jewish people. It was by the mighty hand of God Almighty that they were brought out of Egypt and into freedom. I've written you several times before to Let My People Go, That They Can Serve Me; but you have dismissed my words to you as foolery. This is My last word to you. Let My People go so that they might serve me. If you refuse to let my people go, then the very God that you have denied all of your life will take your life from you and you will find out that I am indeed real."

On February 09, 1984 Yuri Andropov died of kidney failure. Before he died he tightened his hold on the Jewish people and made immigration even harder than it was before his reign. I'm convinced that he read my letter, or had someone read it to him, that he dismissed me as being just another religious fanatic. But, ultimately, God told him what to do, he didn't do it and now he's probably in hell waiting for the great judgment. Too bad.

Word of Knowledge - January 1989

The Beach, Grains of Sand and Souls Saved:

On January 14, 1989 I took a small trip to New Jersey. I wanted to see people that I haven’t seen in over 11 years. Even though it was very cold every night, I had this urge to walk on the beach every night. While I was there, I would break out in praise and worship to our Lord and I had a great time doing so. The cold weather seemed to keep most people away and therefore I had no inhibitions about doing this on the beach. The second night on the beach I was told by the Holy Spirit, to pick up handfuls of sand and scatter them on the beach. After I did this, the Lord said that the amount of grains of sand that I scattered will be the amount of people who will be saved on that beach. Two days later the Lord confirmed this. As my mom and I were driving around Point Pleasant she drove past a church and told me that the pastor of that church has services on the beach during the warm weather. How about that!

Word of Knowledge - March 1989

Piercing God's Heart And Repentence:

Soon after the Stavenau’s returned from the trip to see Pastor Sam, they invited me to come to their house to see the video. While I was there, I told them that I had since rewritten the songs that I wrote about CLC. I was disobedient to the Lord because He told me to throw them away months ago. When I wrote them again I was guilty of rebellion. I pray that the Lord will be gracious and forgive me. That night at their house I was singing the songs to them and we laughed and mocked CLC. In the midst of the fun Diana got a sharp pain near her heart. When she painfully fell forward I got the impression from God that He was displeased with us and that what we were doing was piercing His heart. He let the pain happen to Diana to show us what we were doing to Him. We prayed for her heart and asked the Lord to forgive us for the rebellion that we were involved in. He forgave us but we all feel that jesting about the problems at CLC is out of the question from now on.

Word of Knowledge - September 1989

Warning For Pastor Jerry Hanoum:

Dear Jerry,

When you were first saved, you trusted in Me with all of your heart. You spent much time with Me and swore that you would never forsake Me. Why then do you ridicule and mock my name.

When you first came to me, you desired to save many souls. At first your motives were pure because your heart was pure. You however have let sin creep into your heart and have enjoyed that sin to the point that you crave and desire it. When you were younger, you asked Me for a mate and companion and I gave you your wife. Yet you seem to be not satisfied with the one that I made for you.

There was a time that you asked Me for your own flock and I heard your petition from My throne. I granted you a flock, the people that you now have. At first you nurtured them, cared for them and loved them truly, but your heart changed. Your desire to build a new house for My worship, overcame you. I would desire that you would have preached twenty services a day in the old house with a pure heart than one service a day in the new house with a polluted heart. You have even violated a rule that you told the men of your flock, in that you borrowed from a worldly source to reach your building goal. You told the flock that “we will not borrow to build, God will build this church”. No, I declare that Jerry Hanoum built this house and I further that it will be a monument to you and not to me.

From this time forth, My glory has departed the house that you have built. You as a shepherd, violated my commandments and the anointing that I gave to you. I therefore remove the anointing. Because of your heart, you will ignore these words and pursue your folly. You will have counterfeit healings and counterfeit manifestations of My Spirit, but people will see them for what they are. Your flock will dwindle. I will place them with true shepherds who will show them My love and compassion. You will lose face in the community and people will mock you instead of Me.

I have said these things because I love you and want to strengthen the things that remain in you. I do this as a loving father. If you do these things that I tell you to do, I will not restore you as a shepherd but will keep you in my love and grace. If you refuse, I will not save you from the hour that is coming to test those who live on the Earth. You must firstly confess to your wife all of the infidelity to your marriage on your part. She will understand and forgive you. You must approach your flock and confess all of your deceptions to them. Those who truly love Me will forgive you. You must contact the head office of your denomination and confess all of your past infidelity and deceptions. You must step down from your throne and bow down before Mine. Lastly, you must know that I am the Lord God. I set up and tear down. I anoint and disapprove. You shall have no other Gods before Me. I hold the keys to hell and death. I am coming soon and I will destroy my enemies with the sword of my mouth.

I got a word from a friend that had friends that still attended VVCLC at this time that sometime in October of 1989 Pastor Jerry Hanoum admitted to some in his congregation that he had not always been faithful to his wife. This however was an unsubstantiated report that could not be verified. Through the late 80's and early 90's Hanoum's family life fell apart. Going into details here would be gossip, so I won't. He resigned from Christian Life Center around 1994 to pursue a radio ministry in the San Diego area. Sometime in the 90's he had to return to Vacaville to answer charges by a woman congregant that she had once had an affair with him while he was pastor. According to sources he announced before the congregation that he had sinned with the woman and supposedly repented before the body of believers. Later on, Hanoum's wife died of cancer. She had forgiven him of his infidelity. Hanoum tried unsuccessfully to come back to Vacaville to start a new ministry but was basically run out of town by the ministerial association of Vacaville who remembered his past ways and wanted nothing more of him in their region. So, while he has listened to and fulfilled God's requirements in some areas, he hasn't totally. Breach of any part of a contract is breach of the whole contract. Too bad too, because he has a charisma that could draw many to Yeshua, should he decide to come clean totally with Yahweh.

Word of Knowledge - October 1989

The 49ers And The Loma Prieta Earthquake:

I was going to Gateway Chapel in Winters at the time this occurred. One of the things that bugs me about many churches is that when football season arrives it can sometimes supersede God in importance. This was the case for the following event. The Sunday before the earthquake was a usual Sunday and after the church service many of the guys there were in the sanctuary talking about sports. They were razzing me about the Yankees not making it to the World Series and bragging that it was a total San Francisco Bay Area event. I was not in the mood for this sort of tom foolery and said the first thing came to my mind. I said that the whole thing thing bothered me and that as far as I was concerned, there could be an earthquake and that nobody would win. Later that week the quake happened at Loma Prieta and pushed back the series a few days. This totally blew my mind of course. I made an appointment with Pastor Ron Pinkston to inquire if I was a prophet or something of the like. Ron confirmed that God had been giving me insights into the prophetic realm.

Word of Knowledge - November 09, 1990

A Prophecy For Pastor Ron:

I had at one time attended a church in Winters, California but had left because of hardships imposed on me by the leadership; not the pastor per se, but his underlings. It was a weird setting as most of the underlings in the church were all related in one way or another. Well, the problem was that these people held the pastor in higher esteem than our Lord, or so it seemed. It was a problem that the pastor was aware of, but for some reason he did not want to correct the problem. The Lord Jesus had me write the following letter to Pastor Ron, in HIS behalf:

My Son,

Please listen and do not harden your heart to this message. It is for you as well as your congregation. Years ago I brought you to Winters to feed the sheep that were there and the ones that I would save through my glorious might. You did wonderful works through ME and your brothers and your sisters grew in number as well as quality. I gave you the tin building and your numbers continued to grow. Finally, you are in your new building that I so graciously gave you and I did that through miraculous events that you were a witness to. I did all of these things because you were obedient to My words and you did everything that I told you to do. I love you greatly because you are a man after My own heart much as my servant David was.

For this reason it is imperative that I say that I am disappointed at how our fold has grown cold and lifeless. I cry when I see some of the Nicolaitian practices that some of those practice. Do you not remember that you are all answerable to one another; there is no class system or hierarchy among My servants, they are servants to ME. I ache when I see those who are hurt because they feel inferior and lost, thinking that they have missed the mark because they could not obey laws that were made by men and not by Me.

I weep when I see that your sheep pay me lip service while they are at church but never attempt to live their words and promises out on the street. I wail when I see the lost of Winters who wander aimlessly, looking for a beacon to light the path in the darkness. They stumble and fall on a daily basis because the light is kept inside and selfishly hoarded. I convulse in pain when I see the way that My children treat each other. I wince when I hear the gossip that travels from house to house. I desire that My children would have the fervency to talk to Me that they have in belittling each other. What hurts is that they do this in the name of prayer requests. My children have hurt their merchants and have slandered their neighbors and it sickens Me. You claim that the reason for the community hatred of your fold is due to the adversary, but I say to you that the community sees the flock for what it is. I ate and sat with sinners; are you any better than I? I have sent messengers to you and your sheep to tell of these things but they are sent away as those shunned and humiliated.

I proclaim to you that I am tired of these blatant sins and the people who call themselves by My Name. I have asked you time and again to be stern with the sheep in these matters and this has not happened. The children will be spoiled if the rod is spared. You should not be afraid of correcting those in your care. It is better you avert them from the agony that could follow if their sins lead them into my correction.

As you know, I am a God of grace and the Lord of Righteousness. I have allotted three years for these sheep to change their ways. If you do change I will bless you mightily. The heathen in Winters will see that you are truly a lighthouse that I intended you to be and your wound in the community will be healed. People will form lines outside to get seating in the services and the day will not contain enough hours to teach them all. The financial curse that is upon many of you will be abolished and all will prosper.

If your sheep choose to persist in their transgressions I will have no other choice but to let your fellowship become a desert. I will refuse to hold back the devourer anymore. Your numbers will dwindle. Some will go back to the things of the world and some will worship Me elsewhere. I will raise up  another body of believers to further my cause in Winters. Yes, three years is the time that I have given you; three years will prove this prophecy to be true. Listen to these words my son, I LOVE YOU!

Three years and five months later I received the following letter in my mailbox. The letter is dated April 27, 1994. It was sent to me in Sacramento. As far as I can tell, nobody at the church knew my address, so how it got to me is still a mystery:

Dear Church Family,

In case you were not at our regular mid-week service this past Wednesday, I have some difficult news to share with you. Susan and I have resigned as Pastors of "Gateway Chapel" (effective June 1st) and have accepted the pastorate of Zion Fellowship in Danville, California.

I realize that this most likely comes as a shock to many of you. It does to us, too. We have know for about 10 days that the change was coming, but the details were not finalized until last Sunday night when I met with the council of that church. We were not seeking to move and were caught very off guard by Dr. Wymore's phone call  asking us to make the change.

I must tell you that for about a year now we have been receiving words from the Lord through credible people outsied our congregation that we would be moving on some time in the n ear future. However, we believed it would not be at least until the fall of this year and probably later than that.

There are so many things that I would like to say at this point. But, I don't know where to begin and couldn't get them all in this letter. I'm just trusting that in the weeks we have ahead together that all of those things will get said either in conversation or sermons, or other writings. For now, Susan and I love you all very much and are already missing you in our hearts. This is a painful time of transition, but we know it is the will of God and have been assured by Him that He will take care of His church here very well!

You're welcome to call Susan or myself at the office or at home anytime during this transition. We want to answer any questions you have. And, we'll do anything we can to help.

Your brother and friend forever, Ron Pinkston

At first I worried about the word that the Lord had me send. Yahweh expressly said that it would be three years. But, after looking at the script again, He says that the church has three years to get things right. So, five or so months after the deadline Pastor Ron got the permission to leave. As promised, the church really suffered a horrible time. Infidelity ran rampant and several couples divorced. The membership dropped to almost nothing. Many of the people who were the troublemakers deserted the church like rats fleeing from a sinking ship. God's Word held true. I'm thankful for being the vessel that he chose to deliver the message.