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Recently I got an e-mail from someone who is researching the legal aspects of extraterrestrial/human legal implications. While doing research in this field, this person, who chooses to remain anonymous, sent me a link to a website where they feature an article about a group of individuals who are trying to write legislation and introduce said legislation to world governing bodies. The legislation, if enacted, would set up rules, regulations and guidelines for human conduct toward any friendly visiting EBE's. It also seems to leave open the promotion of other (act friendly) legislation should that become necessary in the future.

When you read the proposed legislation you'll be quick to notice that it only addresses a friendly extraterrestrial premise. No attention or thought is paid to any premise that any so-called visitation of Earth from what many supposed to be "other worldly" beings, might be invasive, cruel and harsh. In effect, the proposed legislation, has been lobbied heavily by the entities that have been the real authors of the legislation.

In this document, we'll look at looks to be their statement of faith. Then we'll look at the proposed legislation and finally we'll look at their mission statement and the men who are behind this hideous document.


Some might ask why I call what you're about to read a statement of faith. Well, their belief system is built on assumptions and theories, not on fact. In the real world, that is a religion, because religions are built of faith. So, let's look at why they think there should be legislation that welcomes extraterrestrial life with open arms.

THE UNIVERSE, as far as we know, is infinite.

Our Milky Way galaxy alone contains over 200 billion stars, many of which may have planets. Most people today, scientists and the general public alike, believe that life must exist elsewhere in the universe. Many believe that some planets may even harbor intelligent life.

If only one percent of the stars in our own galaxy have planets, and

If only one percent of those planets can support life, and

If only one percent of those life-bearing worlds developed intelligent life, and

If only one percent of intelligent aliens developed the technology to send a signal or to travel to other stars, then there could be at least 2,000 extraterrestrial civilizations in our galaxy alone that might have the ability to contact Earth.

And there are well over 100 billion galaxies that we know of in the universe, each composed of hundreds of billions of stars.

Many people believe, even if the number of space-faring civilizations is high, that the distances between the stars are too great for anyone to travel from their world to ours and that signals might be the only form contact can take.

However, there are now a number of new scientific theories that indicate this may not be true. Many physicists now believe it’s possible that wormholes, quantum tunneling and folded space may, with a sufficiently advanced technology, provide methods by which beings from one solar system could conceivably travel to another system in a very short period of time.

The question isn’t “can they get here?” anymore, it’s “if they get here, what do we do about it?”

What if, one day, Earth was contacted by one of these hypothetical civilizations? How, as a planet, would we respond to their offer to interact? What if they asked, “Do you have a method in place, or even a policy that outlines how Earth will proceed now that contact has happened?”

We would have to answer “No.”

Many people believe that, if we are now asking this question ourselves, then it’s time to provide an answer.

We believe that the “Extraterrestrial Contact Act” is that answer.
THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL CONTACT ACT is a bill that, when enacted into law, will establish a Contact Protocol to allow public interaction with Extraterrestrial Intelligences that may make, or express a desire to make peaceful contact with the people of Earth.

Such a meeting would be so momentous and the impact upon our world so powerful, that even if the probability of extraterrestrial contact is remote, we should nevertheless have at least a basic plan in place so that humanity has the ability to respond appropriately to an event of this magnitude.

What would the consequences be if we were unprepared for such an event?
What opportunities for learning and advancement might be missed?

Even if such an event doesn’t occur in our lifetime, this first, simple step in exo-political diplomacy will benefit future generations by providing a foundation they can build upon as our global society slowly but inevitably matures into an interstellar civilization.

THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL CONTACT ACT is also an organization dedicated to the promotion and adoption of this policy in all nations on Earth.

We invite the citizens of every nation on Earth to participate in and support this historic cause, not only through donations, volunteerism and media promotion, but also by inspiring each and every respective government to implement the Contact Protocol outlined in the Act and thus join with the United States in laying the foundation for future contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

What may be science fiction today, could be science fact tomorrow.


Darryl Anka
Executive Director
Extraterrestrial Contact Act


I wish that I had a dime for every time that I heard the "vastness of the universe" argument for their being life on other worlds. I truly think that I could retire at a very early age if I had that sort of money. This sort of argument is built upon "what ifs" and suppositions, and really has no place in real science.

What the author of this supposition is saying is that he's betting on the odds that he's right. Odds and conjectures are better suited for Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City or at your local race track. But even at those places, odds are placed on the performance of either a machine, a deck of cards or the racing history of the horse in question. There is something to base the assumption upon. If you walk into a casino you'll see a sign that their machines pay out more than any other casino. They can say this because your odds of winning have been calculated by how many times their machines have paid out in the past.

But, let me ask you a question. Would you put your coins into a machine that had a 200 billion to two thousand chance at getting you a return. Actually, you have a 0.00000001% chance of winning. If betting on horses are what you are into, and your horse had these odds, the odds would be two hundred million to two of your horse coming in first. Or to look at it another way, would you go to a surgeon who gave you odds two hundred million to two odds that he'd fix your physical problem and heal you? You see, the dreamers that think that there's life on other worlds or in our galaxy take the small numbers and try to make them look big. That would work in a perfect universe, but our universe is chaotic; the laws of physics prove that. If everything was perfect there would be no need for laws. Laws are made to govern, just like legal systems do on earth. That is why with any unsure thing, people usually give you odds. If I gave you 2:1 odds on a race horse you have a reasonably good chance of winning the race; a fifty percent chance; you'll either win or lose. As the numbers increase your chances get smaller and smaller that you will win and the chances of even coming close to winning become smaller and smaller. With odds of 200 million to 2 you might as well just throw up your arms in surrender and play a game that has better odds. So in essence, what the people who speculate on life out there in the universe are doing is saying, I'm willing to bet that there's life out there. The sad part is that the only thing they have to use for collateral for their bet are their souls.

One thing that I do admire about these people and their conviction to prepare for extraterrestrial visitation, is that they have the old Boy Scout, "be prepared" mentality. Living in a nation; being oppressed by a government and working for various organizations that always have the "wait till mayhem to strikes before acting" attitude I give these people credit. But of course, they're getting ready for the best case scenario, but what if it turns out to be the worse case scenario. We'll examine that later.


Now we're ready to look at the proposed legislation itself to see what it says:



To establish a protocol to allow public interaction with Extraterrestrial Intelligences that may make, or express a desire to make peaceful contact with the people of Earth.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled.


This Act may be cited as the ‘Extraterrestrial Contact Act of 2005’.


(1) Upon enactment of this Act, all members of the public, whether individual or in groups, shall immediately have --

(a ) The irrevocable right to freely interact, associate and communicate with Extraterrestrial Intelligences, whether on or off the Earth, within the guidelines set forth in the Contact Protocol; and

(b ) The irrevocable right to freely discuss, record, transcribe and communicate to others, within the guidelines of the Contact Protocol, the nature and content of such interactions, associations and communications with Extraterrestrial Intelligences.

(2) Upon enactment of this Act, the Extraterrestrial Contact Act organization (“ECA”) shall immediately and irrevocably have –

(a ) The right to globally promote similar versions of this Act and its Contact Protocol and to lobby for its adoption by other nations of Earth; and

(b) The right to suggest additions, deletions and/or other changes to the Contact Protocol, and the right to receive and coordinate suggestions for additions, deletions and/or changes to the Contact Protocol from the citizens of each nation; and

(c ) The right to establish, oversee and conduct an international voting procedure by which the leaders of each nation, as representatives of its citizens, can cast one vote per nation either for or against such additions, deletions and/or other changes; and

(d ) The right to officially add, delete and/or make changes to the Contact Protocol upon the ECA’s confirmation of majority approval of such additions, deletions and/or other changes.


In the event that an Extraterrestrial Intelligence makes, attempts to make, or expresses a desire to make peaceful contact with the people of Earth, the President of the United States shall --

(1) Make every reasonable effort to establish contact with the Extraterrestrial Intelligence and to confirm, in a timely manner, their peaceful intentions and that such Intelligence poses no biological danger or other unintended threat or harm to Earth; and

(2) Upon confirmation of the Extraterrestrial’s peaceful intentions and absence of biological or other danger, threat or harm, immediately order the stand down and cessation of all military, agency, departmental, public, corporate or private activities that might be reasonably interpreted by the Extraterrestrial as a refusal of contact or a threat to the Extraterrestrial’s safety and security; and

(3) Immediately inform the leaders of all other nations, the representatives of the United Nations, NASA, SETI and the ECA, via the organization’s Executive Director (“Director”), of the existence and nature of the Extraterrestrial contact and to include the above individuals and organizations in any discussions with respect to the content of all public announcements revealing the Extraterrestrial’s existence or nature to the public; and

(4) Within twenty four hours thereafter, make a globally-televised public announcement of the existence and nature of the Extraterrestrial contact; and

(5) Immediately schedule and facilitate a globally-televised interaction between the Extraterrestrial Intelligence, the President, the representatives of the United Nations, NASA, SETI and the ECA in order to freely negotiate, establish, coordinate and conduct a protocol for peaceful, continuing, global and mutually beneficial relations with the Extraterrestrial Intelligence and its respective society.

Upon establishment of contact and interaction with any Extraterrestrial Intelligence, the ECA shall --

(1) Create reports containing all the details of contact and the progress of the interaction with the Extraterrestrial Intelligence, if any, not later than 90 days after the initiation of such contact and every six months thereafter for the duration of the interaction; and

(2) Make those reports a matter of public record and available to the public upon request for a reasonable fee to cover costs of duplication, mailing, on-line services and other reasonable charges; and

(3) Announce the progress of the interaction, if any, to the public every six months via televised and website-posted reports.


(1) The term ‘Extraterrestrial Intelligence’ means any consciousness, entity or sentient being, whether individual or collective, physically corporeal, incorporeal or inter-dimensional, whose point of origin is other than from Earth or Earth’s spatial or temporal plane of existence.

(2) The term ‘Earth’ means the planet in its entirety and its distinct components, including the people of Earth and all natural and artificial infrastructures, biosystems, ecosystems and geosystems.

(3) The term ‘biological danger’ means a pathogen, chemical, or other organism, substance, procedure, device or agent that would cause physical threat, harm, death or destruction to Earth, its people, its natural and artificial infrastructures, biosystems, ecosystems and geosystems.

(4) The term ‘peaceful’ means inclined or disposed to peace; devoid of violence or force; without recourse to warlike methods.



The potential impact and effects of contact with an Extraterrestrial Intelligence on the social, political, economic, religious, cultural, psychological and other aspects of human society are difficult to predict and thus, these subjects are beyond the scope of this Act, excepting that --

(1) In the understanding that such open contact and subsequent interaction with an Extraterrestrial Intelligence might conceivably generate both profound and subtle changes in the above aspects of society as a whole, or to individuals within it, it is the intention and purpose of this Act that --

(a) Its enactment will mitigate, or lessen, any such changes and/or effects that might be deemed harmful to those aspects; and

(b) Its enactment will help to generate positive and constructive changes and effects by preparing human society in advance for such initial changes and their effects; and

(c ) Its enactment will allow for such preparation by educating the public as to the possibility of contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence and through the establishment and promotion of the Contact Protocol that will provide for an official, globally approved and unified response to such contact; and

(d ) Its enactment and/or adoption will supersede and replace any other policy or procedure pertaining to such contact presently in place within any nation or organization; and

(e ) Its enactment will guarantee the irrevocable right of the public to freely interact with Extraterrestrial Intelligences without punitive consequences of any kind, barring infractions of laws in force that do not contravene nor contradict the purpose and intention of the Contact Protocol.


After I had finished reading the proposed ACT, I immediately thought of my history studies. I flashed on Europe prior to World War Two and the false hope of Neville Chamberlain. In the 1930's the British became concerned that Hitler and Germany were growing in military might. Neville Chamberlain, for whatever reason, thought that he could reason with Hitler. He made many trips which included his making many concessions to Hitler for what Chamberlain thought would keep peace in Europe. In 1938 all of his efforts were proved fruitless as Hitler attacked Poland which forced England and France to declare war on Germany.

So my first concern is that these people are trying to pass legislation that makes communion with the entities a lawful. The funny thing is that contact between individuals (and most probably the governments of the world) has been going on for many years. The sad part is that when government sanctions anything, they do so as a representative of the populace therefore implicating that populace in whatever it does, whether it be benevolent or malevolent to that people. Who's to say that these entities are friendly? If you take into account all of the abductions that have occurred over the past fifty or so years it would appear that their intentions aren't peaceful. We can see that in the term that is mostly used to describe the way that people are taken away; that word being "abduction." A look at any dictionary of the English language will yield the following result:

Main Entry: ab·duct
ab-'d&kt, &b-; 2 also 'ab-"
Function: transitive verb
Etymology: Latin abductus, past participle of abducere, literally, to lead away, from ab- + ducere to lead:
1 : to carry off (as a person) by force

There is nothing benign about the word "abduct." It is a forceful intrusion into the life of a person or a people and it is always meant for the benefit of the abductor and the detriment of the abductee. Of course as society has become indoctrinated with the premise of extraterrestrial visitors there have been those who have specifically sought out contact with these entities. These people fall into two categories; the first being those who are fascinated with the occult of which the UFO phenomena is a part; and those who think that caution in any matter is overreaction. History is rife with people who have welcomed invading powers who either out of ignorance or want of power and notoriety thought they could benefit from such actions. In either case, the word to describe these people is traitors.

I am not surprised that the authors of this ECA Act tend to think of extraterrestrial beings as benign and friendly. When we look at their credentials later you'll see why I am not surprised. The thing about this legislation is that it does not take into any account what should be done if these entities are hostile. All of the plans are presented as if the authors are positive that the entities are friendly. This is alarming to the highest degree.

How is a president or any governing body supposed to determine that the entities in question are peaceful? Do you ask them if they're peaceful? Do you have them sign some sort of contract that they're peaceful? Do they come with references and if they do how to you verify the references? Maybe these entities will offer some sort of gift to prove that they're peaceful. Maybe they'll make us an offer that we possibly can't refuse. Maybe they'll offer TECHNOLOGY? I'm reminded of the Trojan Horse; it was a gift and look where it got Troy. How do you verify what they're saying is true? Well, if you read the Bible, and specifically where demons and fallen angels are concerned, you can find plenty of verification that the entities in question are not friendly, and their intentions are hostile and self serving.

Now I suppose there are some who read this webpage who will sort of blow it off. They will say that the proposed legislation is garbage and that nobody would ever vote for it. But like I've always said, what one generation calls foolish the next generation ignores and the third generation accepts. Just in a scant fifty years this has come true in many aspects of the American way of life. My grandfather's generation saw abortion as a sin; my dad's generation acted like it didn't exist and my generation embraced it. My grandfather's generation looked at homosexuality as a sin (if they were religious) and a mental disorder if they were secular minded. My dad's generation, while not agreeing with the practice, basically took a "live and let live" attitude toward the practice and my generation basically accepted it as a "alternative lifestyle." In the same way, those who are a generation older than mine see the possibility of extraterrestrial visitation as foolishness; but my generation, having grown up on Star Trek, Star Wars and many other science fiction; and having been indoctrinated with the Alien Visitation theme, see it as being quite possible. Hence, we have people like the authors of the proposed legislation preparing for such an event.

Government And Contract Law:

We pride ourselves these days with having what we term a democratic process. In that process we elect representatives to act in our behalf. In most systems, the majority vote in their leader and legislature. We in effect are telling these people, "hey, we need a voice and we want you to be our voice." What we are actually doing is giving these leaders and legislatures the power of attorney over our affairs. It is no different than going to a lawyer and giving him or her permission to govern our affairs. If the constitution of such a government is adequate and proper, it gives the people a way to rid ourselves of these representatives should they falter in their promise to govern our affairs in the way that we have designated them to perform. In other systems, such persons, should they betray the will of the populace, have to be removed by force.

The problem with most peoples in modern times is that they have lived for so long being governed by legislatures who have had their power of attorney, they don't know how to think for themselves anymore. This is quite evident with the current state of affairs here in the United States. People refuse to think for themselves anymore. They are swayed from one opinion to another based on opinion polls and what the mainstream press has presented as truth. We've grown complacent, letting others do the thinking for us. This isn't only evident in the political realm, but in most aspects of life. We watch television daily and are told what is right and what is wrong. We're told what is beautiful and what is ugly. We're told what to eat, where to go and what to do, and like all the sheep analogies in the Bible show, we're like a flock without a shepherd. We run to and fro, falling into ditches, getting caught in barbwire fences  and straying off of the truth course. But I digress.

As is almost always the case, corruption starts at the top and works its way down to the common man. In America, against the will of the majority, many things, such as abortion, homosexuality, and any other act that God sees as immoral has been legalized, recognized and promoted by government. Because these things have become legally acceptable, the generations that have been born after such legislation now see no problem with them. The courts, who were established to interpret the law have now become law makers, superseding the legislatures who are supposed to have that position in government. The legislators themselves are almost always lawyers or have some affiliation with lawyers. I find it interesting that Yeshua got most of his problems from two groups of people. They are referred to Pharisees and the Doctors of the Law. In modern terms, you could very easily compare the Pharisees to legislators and the Doctors of the Law as the Supreme Court. I am also interested that the Bible refers to the judges as "doctors." Doctors are always needed to heal sick things. God never gave Israel a "sick" law, but by the time so called leaders had corrupted the law it was in need of a doctor. The problem is that the Doctors of the Law are the ones that made the law sick. Any perfect thing can be given to human beings and within the period of a couple of generations (sometimes sooner) that once perfect thing will become so degenerated and corrupt that it probably will not be recognizable. Want proof about this? Just read your newspaper.

We see such things today; legislatures making laws and the courts finding fault in every law that there is. By the time that they're done screwing around with the process, the law they finalize isn't a cure, but a cancer on society. Take for instance the abortion issue. The issue should be that abortion is wrong; but instead of that, the courts are making a mockery of such a notion by looking at specific periods in the life of the unborn child and trying to determine if the child is actually a child as opposed to what they call in unviable tissue mass. Then they further the mockery of the subject by ignoring any responsibility the mother is supposed to have and they give credence to the notion that it is the woman's right to her reproductive rights is being infringed upon. In essence, they've doctored up the law. The enemy within laughs at us. We sit around shooting at branches of their tree while they're secretly cutting our roots. Anyone knows that you can rid a tree of all its branches but it will sprout again in the spring. But, if you cut away the root system, the tree will die.

But getting back to the elected official and our giving them power of attorney over our affairs; what does that have to do with making a law that will respect extraterrestrial life should it make itself known to mankind. Well, if such a proposal does become law, it would in effect allow those we've entrusted with our power of attorney to act on our behalf. It would be a gigantic open door for these entities; whom many of us know to be demonic in nature to intrude upon mankind; against my will and the will of many others who think clearly. If someone would take such a thing to court and try to fight it, the entities could use the notion (and rightfully so) that those to whom we've given our power of attorney acted in good faith on our behalf, so they have every right to intrude on our lives.

Now what I'm about to write may be controversial to some, and understandably so. I don't know it to be true, but what I'm about to present could explain why, since the 1950's, the phenomena of alien abduction has exploded in reported numbers. There are unconfirmed reports that sometime during that decade, these entities, masquerading as beings from other worlds, approached the government and made a pact with our leaders as well as leaders of other nations. In that pact, our government allowed a small percentage of abductions to be conducted by these entities, purely for research purposes. In exchange, humankind would be given technology. Of course, like any intruder, once they got their foot in the door they came into our home (our society) and did whatever they damn well pleased. The government is not able to fight against such a menace; especially one that can appear and disappear out of out existence at their whim. So, the government has taken the, "if you can't beat them, join them" attitude and the intrusion into the lives of many victims has gone unchecked.

Now no one is quite sure what elements of the government made this great blunder, but one has to assume that it was done under military auspices. If that is true, then there is really no firm contract between the people and the entities in question. In essence, they are acting in an illegal manner when they abduct men, women and children. If they made a contract with an elected civilian elected government they they have every legal right to intrude upon the lives of every person that government has authority over.

The matter of the legislation that this article is concerned with is a different story where the legal rights of the entities are concerned. If it is actual legislation then the public would somehow become aware of it. Congress leaks like a sieve and some reporter would report on it. With that, the public would have to either consent or dissent to the proposal.

There are people like myself who would be very vocal and dissent in the strongest terms possible and that is all well and good. But there are others who would consent to such legislation. But who would consent? Well, as I see it, there are three basic groups that would give approval to such legislation. First, there would be those who would be for it just out of a sense of novelty. They would approve either because they think it's a fun idea or because they could make money out of it somehow.

The second group would be those who have always hoped for an extraterrestrial reality. They don't necessarily exhibit any occult belief, but have no faith in God and want answers to life's questions. The old adage of, "they're more evolved, so must be more intelligent and know the truth," will be prevalent in the lives and thoughts of such persons. Basically, they will be like Fox Mulder from the X-Files who always had the premonition that the truth is somewhere out in the universe. Basically, these are the ignorant people; those who the Bible says call unto themselves teachers to satisfy their itching ears.

The third group will consist of people who are into the New Age and many different occult practices. These are the people in the higher echelon of the New Age, who know about the spiritual battle that is going on between God and Satan. They will promote and endorse the legislation because it will bring about a new age on earth; one that will cast off the only True God and substitute a false god (Satan) and his antichrist. The people who have written this legislation and who are trying to make it a viable law fall into this category which we will soon see.

And while we're on the subject of the antichrist; what better vehicle could he have than a welcome to earth; a reservation, given by the people of earth, via the carriers of our power of attorney. Of course, this person will be a man, possibly some sort of hybrid or Nephilim (only God knows) but he will have some sort of purported extraterrestrial connection. So for these few reasons, and probably many more that we don't know about, this legislation will be passed. It just has to be for prophecy to be fulfilled.


Now that we've looked at the Statement of Faith and the proposed legislation, let's take a quick look at the Mission Statement. It reads as follows:

The mission of the Extraterrestrial Contact Act Organization is to facilitate the creation and passage of an Extraterrestrial Open Contact Law and to promote a global Contact Protocol. The purpose of this law and protocol is to allow, acknowledge, approve and coordinate open contact between our world and Extraterrestrials who announce peaceful intentions for interacting with us. Through the creation and the acceptance of an Extraterrestrial Open Contact Law and Contact Protocol by the majority of nations and people on our planet we will be doing our part in the overall effort to create an environment on planet Earth that is conducive to having open contact with peaceful Extraterrestrials.

Again we see that the legislation is written to address entities that have peaceful intentions. No attention is paid to the possibility that these entities might be hostile to mankind. Surely any sane person would have to look at both sides of the coin while attempting to write any legislation that will have in its scope the health and welfare of every human being on the face of the earth. With the lack of provision for hostile entities, one has to only assume that the writers of the proposed legislation have an agenda. They have to be convinced that there are no malevolent alien races living out in the cosmos. They must have taken all of the so called "peaceful" messages that have been channeled by these entities and believe them whole heartedly. They must have totally blocked out, and probably on purpose, all of the horror stories that abuctees have related to researchers since the Hill abduction came to light. In essence, they have become what the Bible calls, "willfully ignorant," or in common laymen's terms, "dumb on purpose."


But why would these supposedly intelligent people do such a thing? Again, we have to suspect some sort of agenda; some sort of bias that keeps them from looking at alien visitation objectively. Well, all one has to do is read the Biographies of the Board of Members (all three of them, wow) to see where their allegiance lies. We'll look at the three underwriting members and then we'll look at the author of the bill after that. The Board members are:

Executive Director Darryl Anka has conducted metaphysical and consciousness-raising seminars and lectures for the past 22 years for thousands of people in the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, England, Greece and Egypt. Darryl is also a writer and producer with several film and television projects in development and has been a designer in the film industry for the past three decades. His seminars have been published in the US and Japan, with over 10 books in the series to date.

Director April Rierdan has worked in the field of metaphysics and extraterrestrial research for the past 10 years. She has Masters degrees in business finance and clinical psychology and her background includes work in the areas of commercial banking, university teaching and counseling. She has extensive experience in business management, event planning, marketing and distribution.

Kevin Kachikian has been involved with Extraterrestrial contact projects and other metaphysical areas for over 8 years. He has edited "Disclosure" - Military and government witnesses reveal the greatest secrets in modern history for CSETI, the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence and was involved in the Disclosure Project broadcast from the National Press Club in Washington DC on May 9th, 2001. His background is in computer software and hardware engineering.

A cursory examination of all three underwriters reveals quite a bit. The first thing what all three share is study and practice in the metaphysical realm. This is a confusing word until one does a word study. The following word definitions were found at the which features "Websters New Age Word Dictionary." After all, since these people are involved in the New Age, what better source for defining their words by their terms:

Metaphysics: (Meta, “after” or “beyond”; physics “physical”)

Originally, the study or philosophy dealing with cause - i.e. non-physical, spiritual, or non-material realities.. Currently,  it usually means the practice of  magick, psychic, or the occult.

It is interesting that the biographies use a word that is so blatantly defined. When we look at the definition in the New Ages' own words, it means dabbling in the occult. It is the same word that one with any sort of finesse in English language would use to describe fortune tellers, psychics, necromancers, witches (both black and white) and yes, even Satanists. To many, like myself, who have heard the word for years and thought of it to mean "someone who studies the occult via scientific means, it is staggering to see that the New Age has changed science to fantasy. Which one of these headings these three people fall under is hidden from the general public, but I think we can rest assured that these people aren't just thinkers, but practitioners of the very things that the Bible tells us to keep far away from.
Let's look at Darryl Anka, who appears to be the head honcho of the gang of three. One of the aspects of the New Age that this individual is well versed in is called Consciousness-Raising. What in the world is that you ask? Well, as defined in the same dictionary, it is:
Inspiring radical spiritual awareness in self or others.

Now here is where we get into the crux of the New Age, which should really be called the "Old Lie." One of the main purposes and objectives of the New Age is to con people into believing that they are gods or that they can attain godhood. They are taught that premise constantly, and they are told that they have to become one with the universe, which they believe everyone to be a part of. The universe, the earth and many inanimate objects are considered to be living things, all connected to each other in what is called the "force." Now I know that the name, "the force," sounds sort of Star Warish, but it has been around much longer than Star Wars and many like myself can see parallels of New Age philosophy in Star Wars and other sci-fi works. Other notables try to promote the New Age. When you see videos of Shirley McClain standing on a beach chanting, "I am god," she is practicing consciousness raising. She's just one of the vocal practitioners of a growing movement. People in the New Age Movement actually believe that if a person tries hard enough they can evolve from homo sapiens to something called Homo noeticus which is explained as follows:

We are entering a new stage of human evolution, and many of us are hung suspended. We're not yet Homo noeticus, but neither are we "just" the old energy and patterns of Homo sapiens. Homo noeticus is the next step on the evolutionary ladder which is characterized by extra-sensory perceptions (beyond the 5 senses)--including telepathy--as well as a change in psychological and physical chemistry. We are becoming multi-dimensional--or, at least, realizing our multi-dimensionality--and discoveries in Quantum physics is confirming that parallel universes and multiple realities are probable. Many are waking up to this new identity, realizing that choices beget consequences, the devil didn't make me do it, and God isn't going to save our butt--or planet-- like some deus ex machina from the sky. Is the Divine in control? Absolutely. Yet, we forget that humans are one expression of the Divine on Earth and as God/Goddesses' hands, feet, and mouth, we must work in partnership with the Divine. We are given free will, and that free will entails the ability to make choices with dire consequences--both personally and globally. From website:

A further study of Darryl Anka shows that this fellow isn't your garden variety New Age adherent, but a full blown (probably demon possessed) liar. Many sources on the internet claim him to be a channler of Bashar, a demon who claims to be an ascended master. This information can be found at where the following claims are made. If you're a believer in Messiah Yeshua, pray before you go to this site. I need not explain the reasons:

Bashar is a multi-dimensional being who speaks through channel Darryl Anka from what we perceive as the future... Channling on topics such as reincarnation, karma, ascension, psychic predictions, spiritual healing, higher self, metaphysics, extraterrestrials, UFOs, alien abduction, holistic health, financial success, relationships, and much more. Bashar speaks with insight, personal understanding and phenomenal accuracy! Homepage at

So what about April Rierdan, the second person in the list of promoters for the ECA? Typing her name in the Google search engine found the very first return listing her name; and you'll never guess where the link leads one to? It leads one to Bashar Website where we find out that April Rierdan is the website designer. It's a small world isn't it. Her association with this website and organization is proof positive that she's in the enemy camp.

And finally we come to the third underwriter of the ECA, whose name is Kevin Kachikian. It actually took a whole four Google web search pages to compile some information on Kevin. Apparently he's not as transparent as the two other underwriters. Kevin is indeed a computer technician and has written some interesting software and has several patents for those and other projects he's invented. Kevin's website is sort of innocuous, and is basically a large resume' and list of his achievements. It's when one goes to his "links" page that one can see that Kevin is into the occult and the eastern mysticism religions. Aside from being an underwriter for the ECA, Kevin is involved with an organization called "The Institute for Spiritual Entertainment - Los Angeles," whose website is . They promote New Age movies. What Kevin's roll in this organization is really can't be ascertained at this time because the member's section is closed to the public. Oh, and by the way, before you take yourself and your kids to the movies, check out a page on their site that endorses movies. If this organization endorses a movie then you probably don't want to go and see it.

Are you starting to get the idea that the three underwriters of the ECA aren't exactly working for the good side. It's no wonder that the legislation that they have written welcomes the alien entities with open arms and will instruct all of mankind how to do the same. The final person that we want to take a look at is the principal author of the ECA. This man, Alfred Lambremont Webre is a very interesting character to say the least. He's a very intelligent man by worldly standards, but is steeped deeply in the New Age movement. While my intent is to expose these authors for their mistaken belief in benign extraterrestrial entities, I can't possibly go into everything about Mr. Webre because the internet is riddled with information and frankly, I don't have the time. His website is and anyone who wants to read more about him can go there. Mr. Webre doesn't seem to mind voicing his opinions nor his beliefs on the world wide web, so I feel at liberty to quote from his site. Yet another good source to see what Mr. Webre is into, is at where an interview is posted with Mr. Webre and it is quite revealing as to his agenda and sources.

When one visits Mr. Webre's own site, one can access many articles and links. The site is nicely done, and is easy to navigate, but just like an apple might look good on the outside, if contains a big fat worm inside then it's worthless and needs to be cast out. On one of the pages on his website, Mr. Webre has included an article that was posted by Yahoo News. The article is just below. Let's read it and then look at it in depth:

Not War of the Worlds but Peace among Worlds, Futurist Says

Tue Jul 26, 8:00 AM ET
Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) July 26, 2005 -- If our current libel laws were to extend beyond Earth"s boundaries, Steven Spielberg"s War of the Worlds might be found to be defamatory towards a race of extraterrestrial beings that may be living below the surface of Mars.

That is the claim of a veteran lawyer and space peace activist who says that by portraying Martians as aggressive attackers, Spielberg"s new film also misrepresents the broader challenge that humanity must confront interacting with other civilizations in space.

A graduate of Yale Law School, Alfred Lambremont Webre is known as the founding father of exopolitics. His work as a futurist at the prestigious Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in 1977 directing a proposed Extraterrestrial Communication Project for the Carter White House led to the emergence of exopolitics as a social science discipline.

Like many other futurists, Webre has concluded that humanity is destined to become a space-faring civilization. But he has been at the forefront of advocating that such a future will require a program of public interest diplomacy with "off-planet cultures."

In his newly released book Exopolitics: Politics, Government, and Law in the Universe (Filament Books; $9.99), Webre presents a practical and philosophical model of how such an outreach program to other planetary civilizations might be shaped.

Webre thinks that intergalactic diplomacy will involve peaceful co-existence and cooperation with other civilizations founded on principles of Universal law.

"Exopolitics is premised on the notion that if humanity is not only to survive but thrive in the Universe, it will have to develop a political science to effectively interact with the beings that it will encounter in space," Webre says.

It might seem like science fiction fantasy to some, but Webre"s book deals with a subject that is taken very seriously by some of the most accomplished members of Earth society. Among many other prominent citizens of this world, a former American astronaut and one of Canada"s former defense ministers have endorsed Exopolitics.

"The scientific paradigm of the 20th Century was that intelligent life ended at Earth"s geo-stationary orbit," Webre explains. "The exopolitics model informs us that, in reality, Earth appears to be an isolated planet in the midst of a populated Universe composed of intelligent civilizations subject to Universal law, operating under Universal forms of governance, and mediated by Universe politics."

Webre delights in the cosmic irony that his e-book publisher, Filament Books, originally decided to publish Exopolitics on its website along with War of the Worlds, H.G. Wells" classic account of an alien invasion from Mars that inspired Spielberg"s new blockbuster.

In his science fiction novel, Wells portrays Mars – and by implication, other planets – as harbingers of alien monsters that wish to attack and destroy our planetary civilization. "[Across the gulf of space … intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic regarded this Earth with envious eyes, and slowly and surely drew their plans against us," Wells wrote.

Webre has a far more optimistic view of Mars and other possibly populated planets. He thinks that human contact with aliens represents not a "final threat" but a "future hope."

His optimism is fueled by recent scientific discoveries made by NASA"s Mars Rover. These findings confirm the high probability that the red planet could host life today. Webre is also intrigued by data derived from the scientific process of "remote viewing" which suggest that below Mars" surface dwells a peaceful race of intelligent humanoid beings that survived an environmental cataclysm on Mars that occurred eons ago.

"Remote viewing" is the mental process of perceiving and describing places, persons, and events at distant locations. It was sponsored and developed by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in the early 1970"s with the help of scientists from Stanford Research Institute.

According to Webre, both remote viewers within the American intelligence community and civilian remote viewers trained by the US government have discovered astounding data about life on Mars, including the fact that the surviving Martian culture has technology that appears to be 150 years in advance of our present day civilization.

The remote viewing data indicate that because their physical appearance is so similar to humans on Earth, some Martians have already migrated to villages in South America. "Humans from Mars seem to be genetically related to humans on Earth," Webre says. "This raises many important questions – for science as well as for religion."

If such data prove accurate, Webre thinks that mutually beneficial agreements with our extended "human" family from Mars could help human civilization on Earth cope with the looming environmental challenges that threaten our own planetary survival.

His brilliant treatise Exopolitics describes the steps that must be taken to move in that direction. It sets forth an agenda for a hopeful future in which humanity addresses the challenge of contact with other civilizations in the Universe not in a "war of the worlds" scenario but through a "peace among worlds" initiative. It is "a roadmap to the stars."

About the Author
Alfred Lambremont Webre is a futurist and lawyer educated at Yale Law School. He was a Fulbright scholar. A member of the bar of the District of Columbia, he once served as general counsel to New York City"s Environmental Protection Agency. He was a Clinton-Gore delegate to the 1996 Texas Democratic convention. He lives in Vancouver, BC, where he is the International Director of the Institute for Cooperation in Space (ICIS).

What I found interesting in my web research is that Mr. Webre often can be found speaking at conventions and symposiums that have strong New Age themes to them. Just do a Google search and you'll find him speaking somewhere. Why does he speak at some many of these functions? Well, he wouldn't exactly be welcomed in a Godly atmosphere; plus we know from scripture that:

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables. 2 Timothy 4:3-4

Mr. Webre is in all effect is an evangelist for the New Age Movement. People who attend New Age functions have itching ears and want to hear people talk; especially when the speaker is conveying what they want to hear. Deception is a very easy tool to use and every false prophet, every despot, every false religion and all other malevolent movements have started because one or more false prophets have told a perverse and wicked people what they wanted to hear. We shouldn't be surprised though, because the father of all lies, Satan, used the same tactics to deceive our progenitors. These days his tactics seem to be running rampant throughout society and a populace that grew up without God, or refuses to acknowledge God as the supreme authority will always fall for the sucker punch.

Of course the article starts out by giving us some of Mr. Webre's credentials. Being a graduate of Yale Law school is quite an achievement and if you study more about the man, you will find out that he's got quite a few more endorsements from other establishments and institutions. He's also hob knobbed with many elites, having had positions even in American government. You will always notice that with any article that deals with selling the public about New Age thought, the author will always talk about the credentials of the individual being interviewed or written about. So right away we are told (in subtle terms) that we have to listen to what this man has to say because he's educated, and educated people are always right about everything they talk about. Uneducated people, or people with lesser education are almost always ignored, even though they might have great wisdom imparted upon them. Our Lord Yeshua came against this prejudice on numerous occasions. One such occurrence happened when Yeshua returned to Nazareth and started teaching. The Bible says that the people who heard him asked each other where Yeshua got his wisdom. They made the remark, "isn't this Yeshua, the carpenter's son, the son of Mary..." In essence, what they were saying is, "where does this guy get off teaching us. He's just a carpenter's son who has no formal religious instruction. How can he know what he's talking about?" You see, there is a difference between intelligence and wisdom. Intelligence is learned, wisdom is imparted.

Let me get off the track to qualify that statement. I work in a medical setting. I work daily with people who are very intelligent; doctors, pharmacists, nurses and others. There have been many times when I've personally witnessed these very intelligent people, who can tell you the molecular structure of medications, or who could skillfully surgically remove the worse cancer; make some of the dumbest decisions where common sense is concerned. One fellow, a psychiatrist, and a man who claims to be able to help anyone with emotional problems provides me with a story to tell. This man, who was on the hospital board approached me one day demanding that I render a service that I couldn't provide. The part of the hospital where I worked needed two keys to access the room, and when my supervisor or someone else with a higher authority wasn't available, I couldn't access that room. After telling him three times (three times mind you) that it took two keys to get into the room, he stamped his feet like a little child having some sort of tantrum, and he marched down to the administrator's office to complain about me. Now, he had the intelligence to heal (supposedly so) but he lacked the wisdom to realize that I was not the problem and that he should be going to my higher authority (who's clock was off because the power was off) to complain. Anyone with common sense would have said, "okay, you don't have the important key so I'll find someone who does." That leads us to another question; is intelligence without wisdom really intelligence? There's something for all to ponder.

So with that in mind, let's look to see what the article says about Mr. Webre. The first thing that I'd like to point out is that when you read the news article, you might have noticed that there are many words used that promote that this whole thing is a supposition or at best the faith of one man (or perhaps a group of men) who want to inculcate all of to believe as they do. Like all good evangelists, Mr. Webre is trying to make proselytes of the people. In the scripture from 2 Timothy, Paul talked about how people would turn away from the truth and pay heed to fables. When a person or a people have faith in a fable, they'll often use words that will reflect that. You will hear terms like "he believes," or "they think," etc. Those terms are in direct contradiction to the terms used to denote fact, such as, "evidence," "observation," and other such words. So when I read the following I was not surprised:

Like many other futurists, Webre has concluded that humanity is destined to become a space-faring civilization. But he has been at the forefront of advocating that such a future will require a program of public interest diplomacy with "off-planet cultures."

The first word that should give anyone a clue is the word "futurist." Basically, that is someone who has faith in the future. The problem is that knowing what the future holds can only be pure speculation because aside from Biblical prophecy, which has proved itself time and time again, predicting the future by any other means is purely speculative. Secondly, since the article doesn't go into how Mr. Webre came to these conclusions, we have to conclude that the reader is being told to believe what Mr. Webre believes because of his faith in what he believes. No thanks Mr. Webre, I have my own faith. Thirdly, this part of the article says that the public has to be made aware of, and given interest in developing diplomacy with "off planet cultures." Actually, this very tactic has been going on for years and much has been done through different forums of the mass media. Just tune into the "Coast to Coast" show any night and you'll find yourself being brainwashed with the notion that the the public has to be made aware of an "extraterrestrial reality." In recent years there have been many movies that promote a peaceful alien agenda. Granted, some movies do show the aliens as being hostile, but as time goes on, more and more movies are leaning toward an alien race that is coming to help mankind through many hardships that are on the horizon of our history.

The second area of the article that we will examine is the following:

Webre thinks that intergalactic diplomacy will involve peaceful co-existence and cooperation with other civilizations founded on principles of Universal law....."The exopolitics model informs us that, in reality, Earth appears to be an isolated planet in the midst of a populated Universe composed of intelligent civilizations subject to Universal law, operating under Universal forms of governance, and mediated by Universe politics."

Well first of all, intergalactic means "between galaxies," which I think is sort of assumptive. The demonic entities that are currently visiting the earth in the guise of extraterrestrials have never claimed to come from other galaxies. Actually, they have changed their stories on a frequent basis. Back in the 1950's, abductee Adamsky was told by these creatures that they came from the planet Venus. Other claims were made by different abductees. Mostly the claims were made that the entities lived on worlds in our own solar system. But in the 1960's the space programs of the former Soviet Union and the United States sort of threw a wrench into the works by sending craft to Venus, only to find that the planet's environment is hostile to life with temperatures that would make a day in Palm Springs in July feel like a day in Antarctica in the dead of winter. So right after that, the message that the entities started to convey was that they come from star systems in our own galaxy that we are all familiar with. They started conveying the notion that they came from the Pleiades and Orion. Now, Mr. Webre is saying that they might be intergalactic? Perhaps the next place mentioned will be inter-dimensional, which would be refreshing because that would be the truth for a change.

Again we are being fed the premise that these entities will be peaceful. It sort of bothers me that it is written that, "Webre believes," which again shows that it is a matter of faith on his part. It is in his belief system, not based in actual fact. Yet, these same people find it ridiculous that a Christian can believe in a personal caring Messiah, named Yeshua. At least there is historical proof that Yeshua lived! And, Yeshua never made his visitation a clandestine one like these supposed extraterrestrials do. If they're so peaceful then why hide. If they're so peaceful then why spirit away people in the dead of night against their wills? Is that the way that a peaceful and benign agenda operates? It's not one that I want to have anything to do with.

Now what is this Universal law that Webre is talking about. Is it some sort of secret document that we've never been shown? The closest thing to a universal law that we on earth have is the Ten Commandments. This law is recognized by the three monotheist religions; Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It is also the code by which most of the world's laws are  built upon. Sure, there might be variations here and there, but the basic tenants of human law echo the same sentiments.

And God spake all these words, saying, I am the LORD thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth. Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me; And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments. Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain. Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work: But the seventh day is the sabbath of the LORD thy God: in it thou shalt not do any work, thou, nor thy son, nor thy daughter, thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor thy cattle, nor thy stranger that is within thy gates: For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the LORD blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it. Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee. Thou shalt not kill. Thou shalt not commit adultery. Thou shalt not steal. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour's. Exodus 20:1-17

Now we have to look at the words of the alien entities which, according to the people who are channeling messages from these beings through mediums, say that they have sent all of the great thinkers to earth to teach mankind. They claim that they sent Yeshua, Moses, Mohammed, Buddha, Zoroaster and all others. If all of these great people were sent as emissaries from these supposed aliens, then their messages should all be aligned with one another, right? Well, where the basic laws are concerned, they are. Of course those in the eastern religions don't recognize the God of Israel as the one true God, and they don't honor Saturday as the Sabbath, and they do take God's name in vain. But at the same time, they recognize that murder is wrong, stealing is wrong, adultery (in most cases) is wrong, that lying is wrong and that covetousness is wrong.

Now we know that they didn't really send these men, at least we know that to be true with Moses and Yeshua. But they claim that they sent all these men to teach mankind. So, if that is correct, then the Law as given to Moses should be a reflection of the Universal Law that Mr. Webre is talking about. And if that assumption were to be correct, then these alien entities should act accordingly; but do they?

The first of the Ten Commandments tells us not to worship any other God but the God of Israel; YHWH. Yet, the message given to many abductees is that there are many roads that lead to God and that there are many gods. These entities go out of their way to trivialize the God of Israel; YHWH. In addition, Lord Yeshua said that HE is the way, the truth and the life; and that no man comes unto the Father except through HIM. If the alien entities sent all of the great teachers they sent confusion because all philosophies teach that their way is the only way. There can be one only way. There is only one author of confusion, that is Satan.

The Second Commandment is that no graven image is made. Many of the accounts told by abductees relate to graven images being present. In some abduction cases, the entities turn themselves into departed relatives; spouses, parents or other loved ones that the abductee misses dearly. Sometimes they reveal themselves as great religious leaders, even Yeshua. Now, a graven image is something that is made in order to worship. If an entity puts on the mask of being Yeshua, or Moses or any other worshipped figure, that is making a graven image. So they have violated the Second Commandment.

The Third Commandment concerns not taking God's name in vain. Basically, we take that to mean that we shouldn't use it in times of anger, or as in an oath that we don't intent to keep. But an expanded view is that God's name shouldn't ever be taken out of context. So, when an alien presents itself as Yeshua, it is using God's name in vain. Another way that these entities use God's name in vain is when they pervert God's scripture, or when they deny that God really is God. In the vanity of their deceit they have done these very things on numerous occasions.

The Fourth Commandment is that the Sabbath be kept as a holy day. While I don't know the statistics, I'm sure that UFO's have made themselves appear on both the Jewish Sabbath and the Christian Sabbath. I'm also sure that humans have been abducted on these days. How am I sure of these things? Well, evil never takes a day off and besides, since they're not godly beings, they would take every opportunity to break every one of God's commandments. Another interesting side-note is something that Chuck Missler brought to light. No study has actually been done to document this, but it seems that every time there is a move of God underway, there seems to be a UFO flap in that same area. I don't know if you find that interesting, but I certainly do.

The Fifth Commandment says to honor our fathers and mothers. Some might say, aha, how can he prove this one. Well, the answer is quite simple. First, child abductees are told that they are special to the entities and that their mission is life is to save the world, no matter who gets in the way, even mother and father. This can be seen in what is called the Indigo Children. If you study about them you will find that the New Age is hailing them as a new creation, an evolved human, known as Homo Noeticus. The alien entities are claiming that they are aiding in this process. On the many pages that describe the Indigo Child, the parent is basically told that the child is more important than the parent because the child is the future. Therefore, certain character traits, such as tantrums, antisocial behavior and other things should be overlooked and even encouraged. This sort of fostered behavior allows the child to walk all over the parent; the opposite of honoring the parent.

Secondly, one could say that the production of a hybrid child is a violation of the Fifth Commandment. Simply put, if a child is produced so that it has no communion with either parent, it has no opportunity to honor it's parents, that is a violation via proxy. In conventional terms, if a child was abducted when it was too young to know his/her parents, and the abductor tells the child that his/her parents were less evolved and less important than they are, the child would have no respect for their progenitors. This would be a disrespect and the entity doing the teaching would be guilty also; even more so because Yeshua was quite adamant about the fate of those who teach children wrong:

It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones. Luke 17:2

The Sixth Commandment says, "thou shalt not kill." This commandment has been taken out of context so many times it and that's sad. It has been used by anti-war, vegetarians, animal rights advocates and many other off kilter movements over the ages. The correct way to render the Hebrew text is, "thou shalt not MURDER." Some abductees have died as a direct result of the crimes perpetuated on their bodies. Some have developed cancers after their encounters. On the darker side (if that is possible) some report that these entities require human blood for sustenance and other reports have been made that these entities eat humans. While I can substantiate these things, and they might be reports made by people on a lunatic fringe, it could possibly explain all of the people that disappear every year that are never found. Also, after researching some of the extra-biblical Jewish texts, and reading how the Nephilim before the flood, "devoured mankind," it sort of removes this notion out of the realm of the impossible; especially since demons are the disembodied spirits of the Nephilim.

Secondly, since many abductees are told that they are special and set aside for future events, who's to say that those events won't be the murder of those who don't accept the great lie. Many of those channeling the demonic messengers have written that one of the duties of those who accept the lie will be to cleanse the world of it's impurities. Those impurities are commonly believed to be those who fight the lie. Thus, where the ascended masters, enlightened ones or just plain demons and evil angels are concerned, that would be conspiracy to commit murder, which implicates the planner of the act as a co-conspirator and thus a murderer.

The Seventh Commandment says, "thou shalt not commit adultery." Adultery is sexual union with someone that you are not married to and an adulterer is any person, either married or unmarried, who has sexual union with a married person, and that person him or herself. Sexual union seems to be one of the major themes of the alien abduction scenario. Numerous reports have the entities forcing the abductee into having sexual intercourse with loved ones, strangers and even themselves both in disguise and as they normally appear. There is a further implication in the breeding of children by using sperm and ova from various individuals. The consummation of a marriage is the sexual act. The result of the sexual act is procreation. It seems to me, that if the creation of a "love child" (the creation of a child via a relationship outside of marriage) here on earth is considered the result of adultery, then the creation of a child through genetic manipulation is also a form of adultery, making the alien entities adulterers by proxy.

The Eighth Commandment says, "thou shalt not steal." We have to define what stealing is first. It is robbery or thievery of something of value to the person who that item is being taken from. This can be an item of value, or a person or even a belief or attribute that a person has. Thus, the abduction itself is when someone is stolen from their chosen location and moved to a place where they didn't choose to be. There have been instances where children have been abducted by the alien entities and when the parents have protested, they are told that they have no right to protest because "the children belong to us." Kidnapping has been and always been considering stealing. And what about the abduction cases where the person abducted was a virgin before the abduction and isn't one afterward. Common sense dictates that their virginity (and their innocence) was stolen. So, it's quite easy to connect these demonic entities with stealing.

The Ninth Commandment says, "thou shalt not bear false witness." Many think this to mean that we shouldn't lie to each other, but it goes much deeper than that. It also means that we shouldn't gossip and we shouldn't slander anyone's name. We know that these demonic entities are liars because they constantly renege on promises and for the most part, prophecies and future visions given by them don't pan out. But their biggest crime where this commandment is concerned is how they bear false witness against God, the Bible and prophecy. They go out of their way to promote New Age thinking. They promote all religions except Christianity and Judaism. They constantly take scripture out of context and they use bits and pieces of God's word for their own agenda. They tell abductees that they are special and set apart, only to drop them off of their importance list once they are done using them. And finally, they promote the greatest lie of all; the same one that convinced Chava (Eve) to eat the forbidden fruit. That lie is the notion that there is a way for humans to become gods. That is the same lie that Satan has been delusioned by for millennia as he has tried in vain to ascend to heaven to unseat God from God's throne.

The Tenth Commandment says, "thou shalt not covet.." and lists quite a few things that we shouldn't covet. The best way to describe the word "covet," is to say, "a strong lusting after." The demonic entities who come in the guise of extraterrestrials have a strong desire to deceive mankind. Anyone can see it by their message, that they're desire is to help man to get it right; in the aspect of what they claim to be right. They say that Christianity and Yeshua aren't the right way. They point out the world situation and say; "see where God has gotten you; we have a better way." They know that mankind is a special creation of God and they are envious. They know that they are the losers in the war between God and Satan, and they are conducting a scorched earth policy; trying to take as many souls to destruction as they can before the victor comes to claim His reward. They lust after mankind's special position in God's plan and they know that those humans who come to God will be given their (the fallen angel's) former special place that they forfeited when they followed Satan in the angelic rebellion.

They have a particular lust of women. Women constitute a larger population of the abductee community. Women for the most part are easier to control through fear and intimidation. Women are also the vehicle for carrying genetically manipulated children that have been produced by these entities. Women, more than men, have a nurturing and caring way about them. It is important to a woman to be able to care for someone and help them along in life. Picture someone with that nature being told by someone who claims to have all the answers for mankind, that they have been selected to be special, a benefit to mankind who will make a difference in the lives of their children and future generations. Finally, women were what the fallen angels lusted after before (and after) the great flood of Noah's day, and the Nephilim were the offspring of angels and women. There is an interesting scripture in 1 Corinthians 11 that often gets overlooked. Women are warned to dress modestly because female flesh allows evil angelic lust to arise:

For this cause ought the woman to have power on her head because of the angels. 1 Corinthians 11:10 KJV

And as shown in the NIV (used only for reference) the scripture reads:

For this reason, and because of the angels, the woman ought to have a sign of authority on her head. 1 Corinthians 11:10 NIV

That sign was the veil with which propriety required a women to cover herself during biblical times. In modern terms it could be said like this; "if you don't want to be harassed, don't advertise your wares." It is also of interest to note that women are supposed to have a male covering over them. The girl in the family should have a father over her and when she gets married she's to have a God ordained husband over her. This is not a sexist comment, but the context is that a woman should have a male as protector and guardian over her. The context also denotes that the "authority" has to be a faithful believer in God in order to be an effective "authority."

Many reading this might take offense that I used the Biblical model to show Universal Law. I can understand that, but you have to admit that in most nations of the world, the offenses mentioned in the Ten Commandment take on the same meaning in secular law. Even in Communist China there are consequences for violating laws relating to stealing, murder, lying, coveting and adultery. Since the government in that nation has set itself up to be all powerful, they in essence are a god figure to the populace. Therefore any offence against the government is punishable as though it were an offence against God. Most laws are Universal in nature, so therefore they must be universal throughout the universe. So, the evil entities that are claiming to be extraterrestrials are in direct violation of Universal Law by their own actions. If there is to be peaceful coexistence, the the entities should show in good faith that they can exhibit peacefulness. We know by their actions that they are unable to do this. In the future, they will attempt to do so in order to promote their deception to the populace of this world. But, those with insight and wisdom in this matter will be able to (with the help of the Holy Spirit) see through their little charade and identify them for what they really are and we'll know what they really want. We also have to make note of the fact that the nature (of thinking) of mankind is changing and people are becoming relatively worse in their character. So it is entirely possible that the entities won't have to change very much because mankind will become more like the entities in character because of mankind's rebellion toward God. With that being the case, a mask on the entity may not be necessary because they and mankind will have more in common and less in difference.

The next statement in the article that we need to examine is:

"Exopolitics is premised on the notion that if humanity is not only to survive but thrive in the Universe, it will have to develop a political science to effectively interact with the beings that it will encounter in space," Webre says.

Again we see that, according to Mr. Webre, mankind is going to have to make changes to accept these entities. There will be no "prime directive" like in Star Trek, where there was coexistence without interfering in the affairs of the host planet. In the stead of these beings coming down to our level to interact with us, we are going to be required to evolve upward to be accepted by them. It is the complete opposite of what God did for us. He lowered Himself and became a man in order to reach man. Of course, the change that the New Age will require in order to interact with these entities is called, "The Luciferic Initiation. It will climax when the man of perdition, the antichrist, will order all people to take a mark on their foreheads or their right hands in order to show loyalty to this new way of life. This is where their political science will culminate.

And who is on the bandwagon?

It might seem like science fiction fantasy to some, but Webre"s book deals with a subject that is taken very seriously by some of the most accomplished members of Earth society. Among many other prominent citizens of this world, a former American astronaut and one of Canada"s former defense ministers have endorsed Exopolitics.

So according to the article, I guess that Mr. Webre is in the same league with some of the most accomplished people in Earth Society. I find it quite interesting that the article mentions two people who many would look up to for correct information. Of course people are going to vote for this initiative if a former astronaut and a former Canadian defense minister are endorsing it. Right away the connection is that two people who probably have ties with government and scientific people in the realm of intelligence might have information that others don't have. If I didn't know any better I would be sold, thinking that the extraterrestrials must be peaceful if two people in the loop give their support to this effort. But one has to wonder if these two people and the other so called "accomplished" people might be into the same metaphysical (and we know what that really is now) pursuits that the three underwriters of the legislation and its author, Mr. Webre are involved in. That notion is something that we can't dismiss, as people who believe the same thing tend to run in the same pack.

And now we get into more proof that Mr. Webre is heavily steeped in occult belief, if not practice. The article says:

His optimism is fueled by recent scientific discoveries made by NASA"s Mars Rover. These findings confirm the high probability that the red planet could host life today. Webre is also intrigued by data derived from the scientific process of "remote viewing" which suggest that below Mars" surface dwells a peaceful race of intelligent humanoid beings that survived an environmental cataclysm on Mars that occurred eons ago......According to Webre, both remote viewers within the American intelligence community and civilian remote viewers trained by the US government have discovered astounding data about life on Mars, including the fact that the surviving Martian culture has technology that appears to be 150 years in advance of our present day civilization.

We've heard time and time again how NASA has found some sort of evidence that Mars could host life. It's also interesting that these amazing findings come right around the time when NASA is suffering from some sort of monetary crisis. Usually, when the funds start to dry up you'll read about something spectacular that NASA has just discovered. They have become masters at playing the government funding game. Of course, people like Mr. Webre, either by hope or by ignorance fall for this trick time and time again. It feeds a false faith that can't live without feeding it's ferocious appetite with sickly sweet half truths and contrived information.

But Mr. Webre's New Age faith is really bolstered by something called Remote Viewing. The remote viewer puts him or herself into a trance state at which time they're supposedly able to see things a that are far away, either in time or in distance. Of course, the person who view things remotely doesn't actually travel to the destination that they view, but they see what they view through as it were another pair of eyes. The painful truth is that the eyes that they view things through are demonic. The viewer sees only what the demonic force wants it to see. Remote viewing has had little real success. It is sometimes called upon to find lost children and such, or as the military applies it as mentioned above, to see what a tangible enemy is up to. The demonic forces behind remote viewing allow the viewer to see the correct thing just enough to make it seem true. It is an easy way to mess with someone's mind and to deceive their soul. The viewer is allowed to see things correctly from time to time and when the seer is hooked on their ability, the demonic forces are then able to manipulate the viewer so that they see whatever the evil side wants them to see. Remote viewing is big in the New Age arena. Those new to the New Age see it as a way to have power, but those who have any insight at all know that it's just another door to allow demonic possession, because the viewer while in the trance state has relinquished control of their faculties. When control is given up, there is always something waiting to take control. When a vacuum is created, the void is open to be filled. Mr. Webre's fascination and acceptance of this practice shows that he's given over to the occult, and in all probability has had that void filled by one or more demonic entities.

Some people have relatives everywhere. I guess Mr. Webre thinks that we have some relatives on Mars, as illustrated below:

"Humans from Mars seem to be genetically related to humans on Earth," Webre says. "This raises many important questions – for science as well as for religion."

So, having viewed these supposed Martian brothers through demonic eyes we are now expected to believe that we are related. First of all, Mr. Webre says that that is the ways it seems. Well, how many times have any of us realized that the things we see aren't always the way things seem. If I look out my window some January morning and see the sun shining and maybe hear a bird singing do I automatically think that I can put on a tee shirt and shorts and go for a pleasant walk? No, I have to either look at a thermometer or step outside for a minute to feel the temperature. Only after practicing some good science can I determine what I should wear, or if I should even go outside at all. Now we're supposed to believe that these beings are peaceful and that they're related to us? Where's the DNA test? Where's the empirical proof that we're supposed to have before making such statements.

At the end of that paragraph we come to the real reason for all of this bovine scatology. We don't have to worry about science accepting the lie because they are the ones that are perpetuating it. The real question is about religion's roll in the light of an extraterrestrial reality. Several studies have been conducted relating to society and what it will do when aliens finally decide to make themselves known to the world. Some think that society in general would collapse because of the new reality. They think that people will be confused and that religion will be harmed beyond repair. Let's face it, when that day finally does come, and the demonic deceivers reveal themselves as extraterrestrials come to help mankind, there will be several reactions. In the Christian realm, those who really had no faith will fall for the lie and embrace it. Some, who have been walking the fence will realize that they've been unfaithful and will come back stronger than when they left. Those who have walked faithfully but haven't explored the extraterrestrial's claims in the past will realize that what we have preached for many years was true. And, those who have been preaching all about the great delusion and fighting it will not gloat, but will be extremely busy educating those who thirst for the truth. In the secular realm and in the case of other religions, the lie will be believed as a truth and many will be deceived.

The thing is that there is a big difference between "religion" and Biblical Christianity. Religion is man's attempt to reach God through ritual and works. It is basically dead to to the truth. Christianity, when practiced like God has intended it, is a relationship with God through the work of Yeshua on the cross. True faith in God is like joining a family, not like joining a club. Those who have relationship with The Father through The Son (Yeshua) know God so intimately that their faith cannot be shaken. As a matter of fact, adversity only strengthens their faith. It is because of this that Christians could face death in the coliseum in Rome undaunted. In many instances they had a look of peace after facing a horrible death.

Yes, I do think that as we move further into the last days of man's dominion here on earth we will se many strange things. I believe wholeheartedly that demons and angels will manifest to many and lead many astray. But those who have faith in Yeshua and are born again in His Spirit will fight the delusion and will not be deceived. But, we will be a small minority at first. So, I guess that Mr. Webre is right in a sense, in that "religion" will have important questions when the demonic realm manifests itself. I just pray that "religious" people will seek out true Christians to find out the answers.

Now we get into something that we constantly hear from these entities when they explain why they visit earth:

If such data prove accurate, Webre thinks that mutually beneficial agreements with our extended "human" family from Mars could help human civilization on Earth cope with the looming environmental challenges that threaten our own planetary survival.

Okay, so the article suggests that these supposed "humans from Mars," live underground because the cannot live above ground due to the environment. We're also told that they are about 150 years more advanced that our own civilization. We're also told that some of these beings are here on earth and that they're living in South America. So hear are some questions about all of this fantasy. If some could come to earth, why didn't all of them come already. If they're 150 years more advanced they could have come many years ago and left their dreary existence on Mars. If these imaginary Martians did exist, and they are so intelligent, then why didn't they do something to improve their life on Mars. Surely, if they are as pompous as mankind is, they could have solved the problems of Mars. They could have created a new atmosphere and made the planet green (or whatever color) again. Physician, heal thyself! And why pick this time in history to make an intervention? Well, the answer to that one is quite simple. Our current time in history is one where there is an apostate church, scores of unbelievers and billions who have itching ears. They (the entities in question) couldn't come before because the Church was strong and there was a lot of faith in Yeshua. But now, hardly anyone believes in Yeshua anymore. Some who claim to believe in Him really don't believe, which is evidenced by their actions. And the rest of the world is populated with false religions and still others who have no religion. What better way to enter a city then when their gate is down. Mankind is ripe for the picking and so many souls are begging to be harvested by an evil farmer.


So what have we seen in all of this. We have seen that a group of New Age adherents have convinced themselves (or have been deceived to believe) that the universe is just too vast for humanity to be alone in it. We've pretty well dismissed their calculations as fantasy and showed that their assumption is based on odds that the most daring or reckless gambler would never consider betting on.

We took a look at the ECA and we've seen that it assumes that contact with what they call extraterrestrials will be friendly. We've examined past and current data that proves that these entities are not friendly. We have seen that they are selfish, malevolent and that they have an agenda that is not human friendly.

We looked a little at contracts and how our elected representatives hold our power of attorney. That being the case, their actions give the alien entities the legal right to enter in the lives of every individual in their principalities. That is not a good condition to be in considering the reprobate people that govern us.

We've taken a look at some data concerning the lives of the author and the underwriters of the ECA. Through that study we have see the cold hard facts; that they are heavily into the occult and that being the case, so is the authored legislation. The can be no doubt that these individuals believe in and promote what the Bible calls, "doctrines of devils."

We pulled apart an article that was written to make Mr. Webre, the act's author, look like a good man with good intentions. Through that study we found that the author and his beliefs have an agenda, and that it doesn't involve any planning by the God of the Bible; but the god of this world.

There is no doubt that this bill, the human's who penned it and the demonic entities who authored it are very dangerous. Believing that any entity that claims to be extraterrestrial is peaceful is pure fantasy because they don't come from other worlds, solar systems or galaxies, but are the demons and evil angels of old who have deceived mankind and have caused many of our ills since the fall of mankind millennia ago.


When and if this ECA bill becomes a matter of public debate everyone should fight against it tooth and nail. It's literally a matter of life and death. Because of the reprobate nature of society, the bill probably will pass anyway, but we should always remember that God has all history; past, present and future in His control and that things have to happen in order for prophecy and God's plan to take it's course. But, if you're walking with Yeshua, you have nothing to worry about. If you're not - oh well.

Simply put,  yes, there is one course of action that can protect a person from alien contact, harassment and abduction. That is a personal relationship with Lord Yeshua Ha Mashiach (the Lord Jesus Christ), who has power and authority over all of the angelic and demonic realm. There is quite an extensive list of people who have been freed from alien abduction as a life's pattern and the list is growing all the time. You can read more about this on this site or you can go to the Paranormal and Alien Abduction Problem Solvers International at to read more. At the latter website we have several trained counselors that can help you to become free and to help you in times of crisis. If you'd like to cut to the chase and get right with God, just click on this link to find out how to have a new life with God the Father through Yeshua Ha Mashiach.

My relationship with Yeshua has caused me to be free from harassment in this area and it can work for you too. Of course, aside from being freed from the demonic realm, a life in Yeshua has so many other rewards which you can also ask us about. Thank you for taking time to read this rather long document and I pray the Lord's blessing on all who have read it.

David Ben Yakov