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I preface this document by making a disclaimer. Some might well see the title of this article and think that it is an attempt to malign the Catholic people. Please read the entire contents of the article. I love Catholic people and most of my ancestors were of the Catholic faith. The purpose of this article is to show how Roman Catholicism, in its perpetual attempt to win converts and keep those who are already in the church, will use any means possible even if it means embracing new ideas, though they are unsound or unholy according to Yahweh and his Holy Word, the Bible.

The article below and the interview that follows concern a certain Monsignor in the Roman Catholic religion. When I was talking to Resistance Brother Jeff about this article he asked me what a Monsignor is and I didn't know. So, after a bit of study in the Wikipedia Online Encyclopedia the following definition and description is offered.

Monsignor is an ecclesiastical honorific for clergy of the Roman Catholic, Eastern Catholic, and Episcopalian churches. The word derives from the French Mon Seigneur, meaning "my lord". In English, it is abbreviated Mgr., Msgr. or Mons.

In some European languages Monsignor (or its equivalent) is the simple style for bishops (including archbishops) who are not cardinals, as opposed to the formal style of Your Excellency. In English-speaking countries, however, the title of Monsignor is not given to bishops, but only to those priests who have been included in the Pontifical Family under one or more of the following three ranks:

  • Apostolic Protonotaries (the highest and least common form)
  • Honorary Prelates of His Holiness (formerly "Domestic Prelate")
  • Chaplains of His Holiness (formerly "Papal Chamberlain" or "Papal Chaplain")

The title of Papal chamberlain (Cameriere di spada e cappa) was one of the highest honours that could be bestowed on a Catholic layman by the Pope, and was often given to members of noble families. It was mostly an honorary position, but a chamberlain served the Pope for one week per year during official ceremonies. Franz von Papen was probably the most famous modern chamberlain.

A number of changes in the office of Monsignor were introduced by Pope Paul VI's motu proprio Pontificalis Domus of 28 March 1968. One year later, an Instruction of the Secretariat of State simplified the dress and the forms of address.

Before these reforms, the monsignori or lesser prelates were divided into at least 14 different grades, including domestic prelates, four kinds of protonotaries apostolic, four kinds of papal chamberlains, and at least five types of papal chaplains. Chamberlains and chaplains were grouped together as chaplains, a specifically priestly-sounding category. Papal Chamberlains were formerly called "Very Reverend Monsignor" and the higher ranks "Right Reverend Monsignor". In the reform this was simplified to prescribe for all the form "Reverend Monsignor", often reduced simply to "Monsignor". Papal Chamberlains used to be appointed only for the lifetime of the Pope, so that the appointment had to be obtained anew from his successor. This distinction too was eliminated by Pope Paul VI.

Chaplains of His Holiness may use a purple-trimmed black cassock with purple sash. Honorary prelates use a red-trimmed black cassock with purple sash. The red is the same shade as that used by bishops. Honorary prelates use a purple cassock as their choir dress.

Apostolic Protonotaries can be numerary or supernumerary. The former are very few, usually seven, who have an actual function to perform in the direct service of the Pope. Appointment as an Apostolic Protonotaries Supernumerary is simply the award of a title with certain privileges. Their dress is the same as for Honorary Prelates except that they have the option of also using a purple ferraiuolo or cape. In English-speaking countries, they sometimes add the letters, "P.A." (for Protonotarius Apostolicus) after their names.

Apostolic Protonotaries de numero (and other superior prelates of the offices of the Roman curia who are not bishops) have the same dress as other Apostolic Protonotaries, but wear the mantelletta in choir. They may be addressed as "Most Reverent Monsignor" (as is also allowed when addressing bishops), and may wear a black biretta with a red tuft.

Vicars general have the rank of Apostolic Protonotary durante munere and are therefore styled Monsignor as long as they hold that office. Episcopal vicars are often accorded the same title under less-specific rules of appointment.

Well, after reading all of that are you confused? Now can you see why Yahweh hates politics in the Church? When you read in Revelation about how Yeshua hates the practices of the Nicolatians you now know why. When I stand before Yeshua I want Him to say "welcome David, my good and faithful servant." People with authority like above will come in announce themselves a high potentate rootin tootin the grand pubah of the ninth district of (you pick the city) and in most cases Yeshua will say, "depart from me workers of evil as I never knew you." These sort of people spend their whole lives climbing the corporate ladder of Catholicism (and other mainline sects) blind to the real intent of what true service is. If you're reading this and are in the religious hierarchy of the Catholic or any other similar structured church and are offended, well maybe you need to be offended in order to wake up. But those of you who still have some inkling of truth in you will realize that what I've written is the truth and perhaps you'll be led to true repentance.

It is no secret that we at the Delusion Resistance are fighters of what is called extraterrestrial, whether it be the beings that pass themselves off as being outer worldly; or the philosophy that they perpetuate. With that in mind, I'd like to present to you an article that was featured in the MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) Journal, May of 2006. Below is that article. Let's read it and then talk about it a little bit:


Monsignor Corrado Balducci says Mexico blessed with UFO Sightings

By Paola Leopizzi Harris


At a conference in Rome organized by Starworks Italia and Area 51 Magazine featuring special guest Mexican journalist Jamie Maussan, Monsignor Corrado Balducci told the audience that Mexico was blessed with so many sightings because of its incredible openness and faith.

He says he will continue to be spokesman for the opening up of public opinion and church attention toward the people from the stars. "I will ask the Vatican to dedicate the religious feast Christ, and King of the Universe to include "all its inhabitants."

Both Maussan and Monsignor Balducci were awarded the International George Adamski Award at the event in Rome.

Maussan explained to the audience that he became interested in the UFO phenomenon after viewing them when they appeared during the last solar eclipse over Mexico.

"After that," he said, "I told the Mexican people to look to the skies to record the objects with their digital cameras. Now, I have more footage of flotillas, of moving orbs, and of flying humanoids than any other journalist."

"I am now getting films of live aliens after showing the amateur cell phone footage taken by boys playing soccer who encountered a tall being who tried to grab one of the boys." [See February 2006 Journal.]

After seeing these films, Monsignor Balducci said that the Vatican is very interested in this phenomenon, and that he was designated spokesman.

He told the audience that he had written a note about the importance of his presence at the x-conference in Washington, DC, in 2005 to the current Pope Benedict the sixteenth, and that he also knew that the late Pope John Paul followed his TV appearances speaking about UFOs.

He added that, in the Bible, Jesus is called "King of the Universe" and that in this phrase it is understood as the "universe and its inhabitants."

"There is such a variety of animal and plant species on the planet, do we not assume God would only create one type of life?" he asks. "I always wish to be the spokesman for these star peoples who also are part of God's glory, and I will continue to bring it to the attention of the Holy Mother Church."

"Opinions in favor of the habitability of other worlds are held not only by secular scientists, but also theologists and people who died and were made saints."

"I can also mention Cardinal Cusano (1402-1464), who wrote, 'There is no star from which we are authorized to exclude the existence of beings, who may even be different to us.'"

"The Jesuit and astronomer, Father Angelo Secchi (1818-1866), wrote, 'It's absurd to consider the worlds that surround us as uninhabited deserts.' And I could go on."


Oh, where should I begin to dissect this article. Well, let's start with the Catholic Church appointing Balducci spokesman for the Vatican concerning the UFO phenomena. By doing this act, the Roman church has officially accepted an extraterrestrial reality. This should in no way come as a shock to anyone who has studied this entity (the church) in any depth. Catholicism has always gone out of it's way to adopt many of the traditions of any and all societies that it has infiltrated. In Mexico and other Latin American cultures the church accepts and participates in such events as "The Day of The Dead," a day to celebrate dead ancestors; a pagan festival. As a matter of fact, in all of Latin America, Catholicism had compromised true faith in Yeshua in order to gain converts. It seems that quantity is more important than quality where the church in Rome is concerned. It would be no different that a Christian becoming a bartender, offering people the mind altering drug of alcohol and then claiming that they were doing it to evangelize the "happy hour" crowd. Whenever Holiness is compromised it rarely leads to righteousness, but to utter destruction.

So the Pope follows the antics of Monsignor Balducci? Well, throughout history Popes have endorsed a variety of debacles and travesties. Popes gave lands and rewards to those who murdered upwards of 70 million Bible believing Christians over the centuries. My German heritage is low royalty and acquired land from just such a sin. Popes have condoned inquisitions, pogroms and other atrocities. Popes have presided over counsels that have in essence elevated Yeshua's mother to equality with and even higher authority than her son; the only Begotten of El Elyon. The fruits of the Popes are for the most part, rotten worm ridden emblems barely hanging on a diseased tree. So, when the article says that the Popes and their many minions are keeping an eye on the extraterrestrial agenda; it doesn't only not surprise me, but it makes me remark, "man, about time they admitted it."

Is Yeshua called "King of The Universe" in the Bible? A study of the King James Version and the Catholic Bible (The Latin Vulgate) yield no such phrase. Sure, one can find scriptures that imply that Yeshua is King of The Universe, and we know it to be true, but Balducci is quoting a phrase (quotation marks his, not mine) that is not there. So much for his being a respected theologian.

Then the issues of "being made saints" come into view. Anyone who has read the Bible knows that saints are people who come to faith in Yeshua through a Born Again relationship with The Father through Yeshua. Faith in Yeshua makes people saints, not some starched collared bigot who thinks that he is God's vicar on earth.

But we've been able to save the best for last. Balducci talks about two men (Catholic scholars) who supposedly prove to him that acceptance of an extraterrestrial reality is not a new idea in the church realm. First we have Cardinal Cusano who believed that people actually lived on stars. He didn't mention planets, but stars. Star systems (stars with planets orbiting them) were not a concept during the time that Cusano lived. As a matter of fact, in his time it was universally accepted that Earth was unique in the universe and a special abode for creation of life; and the only abode at that. It was also thought at that time that the earth stood in one place and that the sun and planets orbited the earth. Amusingly enough, it was also thought that the earth was flat; something that Columbus, some 28 years after the death of Cusano had in the the back of his head during his trip to the new world. Also note that it wasn't until 1530 that Copernicus published his De Revolutionibus which proved the true state of the solar system and the movements of the planets.

We then come to who Balducci titles; "The Jesuit and astronomer, Father Angelo Secchi" who claimed that it was absurd that the surrounding planets in our solar system were deserts that could not support life. Gee, who do I want to believe; a Jesuit astronomer who made an ignorant claim, or the many space craft that have flown by all of those worlds and found some of them to be desert wastelands, some uninhabitable ice worlds, and some, giant worlds with noxious and poisonous gas that would make life impossible. I think I'll side with the scientific and photographic proof.

Sorry Monsignor Balducci, but your suppositions are cracked vessels that can hold no water and your supposed theologians are at the very best quite ignorant. Bailiff, call the next witness.



Before we go on to scrutinize the next article I have to make something clear. I found this article on the internet and it was in raw text format. The article clearly stated that the author wanted to be contacted before the article was used in any publication. There was not a copyright assigned to the article, but one was implied by the request. The Delusion Resistance has tried numerous ways to contact the author. The e-mail address at the beginning of the article is no good; the mail being rejected with a "mailbox not found" error. Writing to the author of the website resulted in our being told that he didn't have any address for Mr. Forgione. Finally, letters sent to an Italian magazine where Mr. Forgione is said to be a contributor have yielded no response. Therefore, we consider this article to be public domain. My notes will be interspersed after each answer and will be italicized.

Interview with Monsignor Corrado Balducci

"Other intelligent beings exist"

The reality of the UFO phenomenon and its theological implications: using reason, extraterrestrials are here. A glimpse of their nature and a mention of the Third Secret of Fatima.

by Adriano Forgione
(translation from Italian by Dawn A. Bissel)

I met Monsignor Corrado Balducci at the Second Ufological Conference of Ancona, entitled "Alien civilizations: between doubt and reason" on 17 April 1999. Balducci, a demonologist of the Vatican is a very open person with a pleasant manner who is quite well known in the ufological circuit for having openly declared that he believes in the possibility that extraterrestrial intelligences are interacting with Earth. Are his statements made on behalf of the Vatican? I tried to examine the religious repercussions of contact with Monsignor Balducci.

Monsignor, where does your interest in extraterrestrial intelligences spring from?

I really became interested in ufology a couple of years ago, even though I started talking about it on TV about four years ago, in 1995. Actually, it all started in 1959 when I began to devote my time to studying demonology. As I had to explore fields such as psychiatry and parapsychology, I indirectly came into contact with topics linked to ufology. I remember that in the Fifties, there was a tendency to deny at all costs the object of parapsychological studies amongst the public, some scientists and also amongst us clergymen. They said that there was no basis for acknowledging parapsychology and phenomena which were called nonsense and fantasy. To put it simply, they denied everything. This was reflected in ufology, which is linked to other frontier topics. As I collected material, I realized that this generalized denial stemmed from illogical fanaticism. There must be something there, even if you just use your common sense, and, using reason, the phenomenon is undeniable. Strict criticism goes against common sense because it goes against the value of human testimonies. In recent years, accounts of ufological events have greatly increased and yet there are still too many people who tend to pass everything off as nonsense. Of course, in many cases, natural phenomena for example, may be wrongly interpreted, but it's absolutely unthinkable to put everything into that category. Total skepticism is completely unjustified.

First, Mr. Balducci says that he has studied demonology and parapsychology. Demonology is pretty easy to define; the study of demons and their behavior. Some sources on the internet ascribe the title of exorcist to Mr. Balducci, which would fit into this scenario. Separating demonology from parapsychology is something that someone not versed in these things might see as a valid practice. But, when you consider that those of us who have had brushes with demons and know their practices and manifestations know that reality, parapsychology is only the study of the effects of demonic activity. As a matter of fact, the definition of parapsychology in the Merriam Webster Online Dictionary is:

Main Entry: para·psy·chol·o·gy
Function: noun
Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary
: a field of study concerned with the investigation of evidence for paranormal psychological phenomena (as telepathy, clairvoyance, and psychokinesis)

It would be akin to someone studying baseball pitchers (pitcherology) and then also studying (throwingology), words made up of course, but only to prove a point.

Now if a person studied demonology they would be familiar with several aspects of demons; assuming of course that they were being taught right. Lord knows that the Catholic Church takes some bizarre turns in its teaching on what should be simple Biblical precepts, so I guess that perhaps their stance on demonology could be warped too. Aside from that, a simple study of UFO's, their behavior; their supposed occupants and their behavior; and the anti-Christian message that they promote tips off even the most novice researcher that these entities are anti-Bible and anti-Christ. The only way that a person could not see it is if they are biased toward the "aliens" and blinded because of that bias.

And what's happening at the moment in your field?

I've never told anyone this, but I'll tell you: some theologists have said to me "Balducci, what are you doing, it's all just fantasy! ", and they were important theologists, not just anyone. Then when I explained my interest, I defended it tooth and nail so as to say that it's time to change this attitude because if we go on like this, we'll end up weakening and destroying the value of human testimonies. This is what worries me because human testimonies are the basis for our life as an individual, our life in society but above all the basis for the spiritual life of Christians, given that the Divine Revelation is a historical fact that was testified to. God's Revelation is testified to by people and by the gospels. If we believe in the accounts of Biblical miracles, then using reason, we must also believe the accounts of extraordinary events that happen today. It's obvious that we must prove that every affirmation is based on credible foundations. Above all, I decided to get involved in ufology in order to defend human testimonies.

When answering the second question, Mr. Balducci goes out of his way to stress that when dealing with the UFO question, we have to consider the testimonies. He alludes to the fact that testimonies are very important, even talking about the Gospels in the Bible and how they were written by witnesses to the events enclosed therein. I agree that testimonies are very important. But Mr. Balducci left out that there are many testimonies that prove that the entities that purport to come to us from other worlds often show that they are not benign, but in fact hostile. What about the testimonies of forced abduction, rape, physical examination against the will of the victim and the psychological scars that so many abductees have.

What about the evidence that comes to us from people who claim that they have been given a special message concerning the religious state of this world. Many of those messages refer to Messiah Yeshua (whom Balducci also claims to represent) saying he's not divine, but one of their own who came to enlighten the world. Mr. Balducci, make up your mind; either you're for Messiah Yeshua, the only begotten Son of God, or you're not. You can't serve two masters.

And finally, what about the testimonies that prove that abductions can be stopped by using the name of Yeshua (Jesus). On our PAAPSI site we have numerous cases where abductions were terminated using Yeshua's name. If Mr. Balducci were really a bonafide demonologist he would know that the demons quake at the mere mention of Yeshua's name. Two plus two still equals four in our universe Mr. Balducci.

On various occasions you have said that the occupants of UFOs could be more highly evolved spiritually than we are.

I must start by saying that angels do not use spaceships. As purely spiritual beings, they are where they want to be and if they wanted to show themselves, they wouldn't have any trouble taking on  visible forms. So, when we talk about extraterrestrials, we have to think either of beings like us or, preferably, other types of beings who always combine a spiritual part with a material part, a body, even though they have a different relationship compared with us terrestrial humans.

It's true that angels are spiritual beings. It is also true that they can manifest in the physical. But who is to say that an angel can't manifest as a UFO to dupe the beholder. In every account of abduction that I have read about, the victim becomes immobilized and even if they are not, all mention that they have appeared to be in an altered state of reality. Mr. Balducci evidently doesn't know the true makeup of the human being. Every human has three parts, the body, the soul (mind) and the spirit. He seems to be ignorant of the fact that each of us is a spiritual being as well as a physical being. We always combine a spiritual form with a physical one, but are blind to this because of our fallen state. If Balducci had read his Bible at any length he would know this. Yeshua himself made a statement on the Mount of Olives when the disciples had fallen asleep after he had asked them to be alert and pray for him. He said, "the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak." By the testimony of the very person Balducci is supposed to represent here on earth we can see that mere humans are fleshly beings, each one having a unique spirit of his or her own.

And  yes Mr. Balducci, angels of either variety, godly or fallen, can manifest in the physical. In the case of extraterrestrials, that form is often a little gray creature, but sometimes come in reptilian or insectoid varieties. And Mr. Balducci, you can bet your life that they have a different relationship with Yahweh than we do. They have fallen and have no chance whatsoever at any redemptive process to bring themselves back to Yahweh. Their state is such that Yahweh created a special place for them to live for eternity, and if you haven't read it sir, it is called the Lake of Fire. You sir, on the other hand, have a chance like the rest of humanity of getting right with Yahweh and I pray that you do it before it's too late!

Nowadays, science accepts the existence of forms of life in the cosmos, even though it doesn't want to take into account the fact that these intelligences could already be here in our planetary sphere, at least in an obvious form. How does theology tackle this problem?

Opinions in favour of the habitability of other worlds are held not only by secular scientists, but also theologists and people who died and were made saints like Padre Pio. The book written in 1974 by the priest Don Nello Castello, "Padre Pio" ("Thus Spoke Padre Pio"), says that someone in Padre Pio's confraternity asked him "Father, I thought Earth was nothing compared to the stars and all the other planets", to which Padre Pio replied "Yes, and if we leave the Earth we are nothing. The Lord certainly didn't restrict his glory to this little planet. On other planets, there will be beings without sin.". I can also mention Cardinal Niccol Cusano (1401-1464) who wrote "there is no star from which we are authorized  to exclude the existence of beings, who may even be different to us". The Jesuit and astronomer, Father Angelo Secchi (1818-1866) wrote "It's absurd to consider the worlds that surround us as uninhabited deserts". And I could go on and on. Of course, we still don't have scientific confirmation of this particular issue. However, in the field of theology and the Scriptures we can make some observations. As God's power is limitless, it is not only possible but also likely that inhabited planets exist. In fact, there is a great difference between angels, who are purely spiritual beings, and ourselves, who are made of spirit and matter and whose soul is limited in its actions by the abilities of the body itself. This is explained by the axiom that Nature doesn't take jumps. And so it's likely that the distance between us and angels is reduced by beings who, although they have a body, maybe a more perfect one, have a soul which is less conditioned in its evolution. Probably, not only is this possible and likely but, in my opinion, also desirable. In a not so distant future, these beings could help us, especially on our spiritual path.

I find it quite interesting that Mr. Balducci quotes the figures above with such adoration. For instance, he has no problem quoting an individual named Padre Pio. This person had the audacity to say that he's convinced that there are planets out in the cosmos that harbor beings that have no sin. Padre Pio obviously didn't take into account that the whole universe is suffering from atrophy. Basically, that means that it is in a decaying state. This process is a result of sin and sin happened with the rebellion of Adam and Eve. So, if the universe is in decay from the consequences of sin then it is impossible that some planet can have beings who do not suffer the ravages of sin. What this statement is setting people up for is the lie that someday will be perpetuated from beings that will come to earth claiming to have the answers for all of our society's ills. They in fact even claim now through their contactees that they are more highly evolved than humankind. Mr. Balducci has bought into the lie and the great delusion and he is teaching it. Be careful Mr. Balducci, even now you're being fitted for quite a large millstone.

I find it quite alarming how, at the end of his answer to this question, it appears that he is setting the stage; preparing if you will, the world for the return of the Nephilim. It is the opinion of not only myself, but many other researchers, that the sperm and ovum that are taken from abductees are being used to create a race of soulless humans who will be infested with the spirits of demons. Anyone who has done serious study of demons knows that the are only the spirits of the Nephilim that lived before the flood and in some cases after the same event. Yahweh has restricted the angels from mating directly with human females like they did before the flood. So, in lieu of that, they are creating bodies so that their sons can live yet again and enslave the world. So it comes as no surprise to me that Mr. Balducci, by making the statement that the beings who will come to help us in our spiritual path will be beings who are less evolved than angels but more evolved than human beings. That is exactly what the Nephilim were and will be again.

Some researchers think that this already happened in the past.

That's an interesting point. It's arguable that these beings have been protecting and helping us for a long time. Some people have put forward the hypothesis that some disasters have been avoided thanks to them. If intelligent beings from other planets really existed, we would find the solution as to how to reconcile their existence with Christ's redemption. If Christ is the centre and head of all creation, no world exists which doesn't refer to Christ, as everything is under the influence of the divine Word and His glory. And no glory is possible without the existence of intelligent beings who can understand it. In any case, it's absurd to think that the only form of intelligence is our own. Other intellectual forces, different to the human one and constructed with a different type of structure is not only possible, but extremely probable.

Mr. Balducci is quite crafty in the statement he makes, saying that if intelligent beings from other worlds existed, we would find the solution as to how to reconcile their existence with Christ's redemption. In the prior section, he quotes a source that says it is possible that there are worlds where there is no sin. So what is it Mr. Balducci, sin or no sin? Why all of the circular reasoning? Well, because the whole subject when presented from the world view or a pseudo-Biblical view can only survive with the use of circular reasoning. Linear reasoning destroys the concept. If a Biblical concept is used in a linear form, starting from Yahweh and ending with Yahweh, and we use Yahweh's Word then the only explanation for extraterrestrials really points to demonic and evil angelic entities.

But if you're a Catholic what should really scare you is the phrase that Mr. Balducci uses; "If Christ is the centre and head of all creation.." and should be viewed as suspect of what Balducci really believes. The use of the word "if" causes one to think that Balducci really questions if Messiah is the center. A person who was sure of Messiah's role in the scheme of things would have used a better word, like the word, "since." Who does Balducci really represent, one has to wonder?

As a student of the Bible for quite a few years I've found that if one studies it quite carefully and diligently, one can find that it has the answer for every question, even in this contemporary time. I feel, and I do believe that my sentiment would be echoed by many other Bible believing Christians, that if Yahweh had created other intelligences (tangible ones that is) He would have told us in His Word. There is no mention in His Word of life existing on other worlds. Maybe that is why so many of the messages that are channeled by mediums or given to abductees from these beings go to such lengths to discredit the Bible. It's food for thought. So Mr. Balducci should be careful when He says it's absurd to think that life doesn't exist elsewhere. If Yahweh didn't create something it is absurd to believe that it exists.

Is your research personal or is it on behalf of the Vatican?

It's personal. Twenty years ago, Father Domenico Grasso spoke publicly in favour of the UFO phenomenon. Was it personal research for him too? This research is absolutely personal. The Vatican doesn't decide anything. We aren't told "study this or study that" but it gives great freedom of action to individuals. In the Vatican will be pleased when it knows that Balducci too has spoken about ufology. We don't work according to specific orders, absolutely not.

Okay, but what about guilt by association? The Catholic Church had no problem sanctioning the murder of millions of Protestants during the Reformation and it has never resolved to remove the over 100 anathemas against Protestants. It had no problem with the Inquisitions or other persecutions. Point made; that when the Vatican wants something done it gets done and when it wants something stopped, it will go out of its way to see that it is stopped. The only time that the Vatican gives freedom to individuals is when it knows that the end will justify the means. With that in mind, I find no problem believing that Balducci is working as an investigator and perhaps an ambassador to the so called extraterrestrial agenda. And as is quite evident, he's a great public relations manager for the same cause.

In your opinion, what are the possible implications of the phenomenon for our current civilization or for the near future, if we acknowledge a possible interaction between man and extraterrestrial intelligences?

That's a question which leads me to think that it would be better if we knew what these beings are like. I have already gone into this and I justified my opinion with "likely". What you want to know depends on whether they are inferior or superior to us. If they are like us, there wouldn't be many implications, as they could have a civilization on the same level as our own. It would be different if they were superior beings. In that case a lot of presuppositions could change.

Okay, so here we have a person who has been studying (at the time of this writing) for 47 years. He started the same year that I was born, 1959. Yet, with all of this time to study, with his supposed intellect concerning demonology, parapsychology and all of the testimonies that point to the malignancy of these entities; he still can't figure out if the good guys or bad guys.

Okay Mr. Balducci, let's look at the facts. If they were tangible beings they would have to have a sin nature, since the universe is in atrophy and decay; direct results of a fallen creation. Since that is the case, if they were on the same level as us, they would have to be in decay spiritually. Look at human society today Mr. Balducci, would you want beings like us visiting us; I sure wouldn't. If they were superior beings then they would be in a greater degree of decay (sin) which all the evidence seems to point to. Fallen angels are just that, fallen, and fallen farther than we are because they were in the direct presence of Yahweh and yet still rebelled.

But the sad story is that Balducci's sentiments are held by many in society. That is why when the Nephilim finally do arrive, and they have the answers to all of life's mysteries, can heal diseases and give man a false sense of security; people will flock to them like they are messianic figures. Sad state of affairs we have today and they will only get worse.

According to some studies, visions of Blessed Virgin Mary are connected to the UFO phenomenon. Some associated phenomena seem to be of a ufological nature. What do you think?

It's absolutely out of the question. For pity's sake, Our Lady can do what she wants, and definitely doesn't need a UFO.

Looks like the interviewer really hit a raw nerve with that question. Isn't it sad that Balducci said a couple of questions prior, "If Christ is the centre and Head of all Creation.." yet when the validity of Mary is brought up she is defended like she has preeminence over El Elyon's own Son. Simply put, manifestations of Mary are simply an evil principality that comes in a Mary mask to deceive those who have throw out Messiah. It is the same apparition that ancient societies knew as Astarte, Athena, Diana and occultists today refer to as the Queen of Heaven or the Mother. Come on Balducci, you studied demonology, or so you say, so you should know better. 

Two years ago, an article was published in 'Il Messagero' which quoted some of your statements about a nuclear war and a celestial cataclysm which will happen within ten years.

That was a sensationalist article. The truth is, I said that they are two risks we are running. The nearest is a nuclear world war, a danger that's more real when there are two powers involved. So, I speculated on who could be a possible opponent for America, and I said China or the Arab world, but I didn't mean that this would happen tomorrow. I pointed out that for near future I meant around 2030. China first has to develop its commerce and industry to the point where it has enough military power to involve the West in a future war. (At the time of the interview, the war in Kosovo was already under way - Ed). The danger could also be that Russia, being in a destitute state, has already sold arms, technology and people to Third World countries. But I think that however small a country is, it thinks before dropping an atomic bomb on the USA.

Finally, something we can agree on. It looks like Balducci perhaps has read his Bible a little bit anyway. Can you say Ezekiel 38-39. But one thing I disagree about is the time frame. Perhaps we should consider sometime before 2012.

And what do you think the other, more distant danger is? An asteroid hitting Earth.

I hadn't thought of that. I was actually referring to an ecological crisis which is growing because of the increase in pollution which is faster than any human corrective measure. But of course I'm not talking about only surviving ten years.

Well Mr. Balducci, did you ever hear of the Book of Revelation? Check it out where it talks about a mountain falling into the sea. Asteroid maybe? Wait till Yahweh starts pouring out His wrath on Earth, you're going to see one heck of an ecological disaster.

Staying with this issue, in an edition of the magazine 'Visto' three years ago, you partly confirmed the text of the Third Secret of Fatima which has been around for thirty years but has never been backed by the Church.

Yes. There are two things in the Third Secret of Fatima. Everyone noticed the first, but very few noticed the second. The first tells of a nuclear war before the end of the millennium. From the context, that's clear. In fact, the text talks about the use of arms that are more powerful than a thousand suns. It's clear what arms are intended if we look at what the text goes on to say: "the living will envy the dead". This means that the people who survive the nuclear weapons will suffer from radiation. The other, less known aspect, is the doctrinal crisis of the Church. Three years ago, I was interviewed by Canadian TV. I said: "Yes, the Madonna of the Third Secret of Fatima says this, but no-one has noticed that she first says that it will happen if mankind doesn't mend its ways.". So its all conditioned by this previous remark. But I am optimistic. We, as people, can influence the realization of a prophecy, change the date and the intensity of the prophesied events and mitigate them. The renewal of spirituality in the young is a good omen. I mean to say, spirituality based on the rules of the Church.

What is the evidence of a false prophet? Well, it is that the prophecy doesn't come to be. I didn't notice a nuclear war before the end of the millennium, did anyone else? Looks like the Madonna has a bad batting average. Sorry, I'll continue to rely on God's Word for my prophetic needs.

So the Madonna says that things can be averted if mankind changes and mend's its ways. Isn't it interesting how so many channelers are getting messages from their demons that say the same thing. But they go one step farther. They say that if mankind doesn't mend its ways then the extraterrestrials will come to rescue us at a time of great distress, ecologically speaking. They say that the earth (which they believe to be a living entity) will try to destroy mankind and then they will intervene, bringing us to our next evolutionary level. Gee, do you think that Madonna and the demonic realm have the same information source? They should, they are one and the same.

At first I was offended at how Balducci said that people could change prophecy by changing their ways. Well, first of all, Fatima was a false prophecy. Changing something that is false is easy, you just create another deception. Cults have been doing that for years. Biblically speaking, there are two types of prophecies, tentative and affirmative. A example of a tentative prophecy would be Jonah's prophecy over Nineveh. When he finally decided to do what Yahweh told him to do, he prophesied to Nineveh that it was slated for destruction and that if they repented then Yahweh would not destroy the city. Nineveh repented and the city was spared. There are quite a few tentative prophecies in the Tenach and very few of them were heeded and the prophecy was then fulfilled. An example of an affirmative prophecy can be seen where Cyrus the Persian was concerned. Isaiah proclaimed in chapter 44 verse 28; 150 years before Cyrus ruled Babylon, that he would be the one to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem, and history records that he made such a proclamation. Anyway, Balducci tries to tell us that the Marian vision was a tentative prophecy, saying that if mankind improved itself the nuclear war would not happen. But mankind hasn't improved itself. Plus, the real clincher is that a time frame is given; the declaration that the nuclear war would happen before the end of the millennium. It is currently six years after the millennium started and I'm not glowing in the dark!

Do you believe that non-terrestrial intelligences could intervene in a possible future cataclysm?

I've already said that it's possible for these beings to come to the aid of mankind. Anyway, we shouldn't expect help from anyone, it has to be us who change and mature.

But I'll bet that he really wanted to add to the end of the answer, [but if we don't, they will come and help us to mature.]


Balducci isn't a man who lives up to the credentials that he claims to possess. He claims to be a demonologist but he really doesn't know about demonic activity. If he did, he would be able to equate it with extraterrestrial activity. He obviously has some sort of mind knowledge about the person of Yeshua, but no heart knowledge of Him. He's a Monsignor, which means that he should know about the character and qualities of Yahweh, yet he can't even resolve in his mind or heart if Yeshua is the center and head of all creation. He enforces the common Catholic Marian conception that she is equal in status to her son, the only begotten of El Elyon. He quotes three persons who are in error, all of them Catholic theologians. The two older sources knew nothing of the true nature of our solar system and show their ignorance by what they say. The third person, who is a priest and should know scripture and the fallen state mankind and the universe makes a blanket statement that there could be planets in the cosmos that contain beings who possess no sin. The list goes on and on. Can such a person be trusted for giving information that could make the difference between a person's soul going to hell or to heaven? I say no. Here's a new campaign slogan; "Just say no to Balducci."

Mr. Balducci is a dangerous man. He is deceived and in a position of high authority. He has potential influence over perhaps more than a billion Catholic souls around the world. Calling the Mexico sightings a blessing and teaching those souls that extraterrestrials (evil angels and demons) are good, and passing them off as potential saviors is one sad state of affairs. The Bible is quite emphatic about teachers being more accountable in God's eyes on the Day of Judgment.

It is my estimation that he is a valuable tool of the enemy. Why do I say this? Well, I see the Catholic Church as being the main catalyst for the one world church that will exist during these last days. This religion, known as Mystery Babylon, will be the culmination of all faiths, with the exception of a remnant of people who will not participate in her idolatries. When the time is ripe, a man who we know as the anti-Christ will emerge, probably ushered in, by some sort of extraterrestrial reality. People like Balducci will be the first to stand up and proclaim these entities as the saviors of the world and will most likely proclaim anti-Christ to be god.

It is an unfortunate reality that people in most faiths don't like to think for themselves. Given the choice, they would receive a lie told to them rather than investigating the truth for themselves. People in higher authority in Catholicism will sell the lie to those who refuse to think for themselves and it will result in the biggest cosmic deception that will every come upon mankind.

Right now, people like Balducci are like some sort of tempter of misguided children. They leave a loose trail of candy for the deceived to follow and the trail leads to utter destruction. It is my hope and prayer that by publishing things like this article that I will cause people to think. Sure, some will be offended. But I would rather have a thousand potential thinkers mad at me than to have one ignorant person on the road to hell. If you are a Catholic soul and you're mad at me then praise God. Get mad, get pissed, curse me and threaten me. I'll accept that gladly if it causes you to think about why you're mad and it causes you to question the validity of what your priests, bishops, cardinals and even the Pope have force fed you over the years. If I can shed light on people like Balducci to just one of you than it is worth all the effort, criticism and abuse.

If you're not of the Catholic faith and you adhere to people like Balducci because it shows you that even so called Christians believe like you do then I have news for you. For every Balducci, there are thousands of us who know the truth. We'll fight with our very lives to present the truth to you. What you do with the truth after that is up to you. But please, don't think that just because a person has a title before his name that he or she represents the majority of Christendom.

It is my heartfelt prayer that everyone who has read this will be blessed with knowledge and wisdom from El Shaddai (God Almighty) and that the impartation of wisdom that you receive will guide you in the knowledge of Yahweh's own truth. And I pray a hedge of thorns around you so that the enemy of Yahweh will not be able to lie to you while Yahweh is showing you the truth. Be blessed in Yeshua Ha Mashiach (Jesus Christ). Amen

David Ben Yakov